“Always Dream Big”

Saturday morning we of course stopped at Starbucks and got on the road. We had about 200 miles to vegas and our plan was to drive right thru vegas and get to LA. Well as we got closer I was text messaging my friend Kerrin and we were skeeming on how I could get paul to stop.

The closer we got the more I could see Paul’s face lighting up, so me and mbig mouth said aw we really should stop. Paul just kept driving, about 15 minutes later and two exits away Paul said wanna stop and have lunch, we can walk around a little. YES!!!!

Our original plan was to spend the night in vegas but when we started to look into rates we realized that we are not rich and have a lot of money to come up with in the next few weeks so that would be a bad idea. But walking around and having lunch now that was a fantastic idea.

We parked and started walking, it felt so good to be out of the car and looking and walking. There is so much to see in vegas and everytime you are there, there is always something new and exciting to see. We had so much fun. We had lunch in Ceasers Palace at The Palm steakhouse. It was freaking awesome. Before we knew it, it was time o get in th truck and drive again, but oh how worth it it was to see veags again.

We decided to drivr thru to LA that night. We actually had to pass where our apartment was and go towards the airport to find a hotel where we could park this darn u-Hual. We ended up staying at the Marriot across from the airport. Ok I just have tell you that they had the most comfortable beds this whole entire trip  did not want to get out of bed.  Ok so had we known what was to happen next we might not have made the trip.Are you ready. Because we sure weren’t.

We had an appoinment to finsh all of our paper work on sunday at 10:30. Now if you know me well you know I had issues with this company long before I made the drive, but it was the only nice, safe apartment we could find, so we said it will all work out. Ok so we arrive at the office at 10:30 and go in to sign our papers and move into our new apartment. We ae signing the paper work there is a nice guy named jeff also moving in today who comes back in 3 times and says this key is not opening my apartment. While sighninh paperwork the girl in the office, a temp, tells one of the actual office workers,who is actually out sick but had to pick something up, that there is a problem on the phone. Paul is atlking, I am listening, and all I hear is “well what do you want me to do? They are signing there lease right now.” My nails dug into pauls leg.

We were supposed to arrive on friday, and our apartment was ready or so we were told. I called twice friday and saturday to tell them we were running behind and twice I heard “no worries we will be here” so we didn’t think there was a problem. Well guess what our apartment was not ready and would not be ready until Wednesday night. So they have put us in another apartment until ours is ready and we are living surrounded by boxes I have pictures don’t worry. It is very amusing. Needless to say the ride here cross country was nothing compaired to the mess we arrived here to.

We still have not faught which is good but I have never seen either one of us so frustrated in our entire life. Well I have no other updates for you yet, we have still not heard anything and have not moved into our apartment yet. But we are here and together thank god. I know that god would not give us anything we could not handle so please even if you are not religous say a prayer we need it big time! I will keep you posted and let you know what happens next.

We love you and miss you!!

K & P

Hopefully this is not a sign of what our time in LA will be like.

Day 4 Are we there yet ??

Ok sorry it has take me so long to finish, but that driving stuff starts making you crazy and my computer wouldn’t work a lot of places. so here is day 4.

8:45 Rise and shine it’s time to drive again. 1st stop starbucks, i know big surprise. Ok first I have to tell you I am completely spoiled by the girls at Starbucks in Garden city, well the women at this starbucks was so rude I wanted to pour my coffee directly over her head I was furious. I mean if you don’t like making high maintanence coffees go work some where else. I mean god it’s not like my coffee is that hard, iced, venti, non-fat, no whip, white chocolate mocha, with caramel sauce top * Bottom with 3 splenda. I mean thats not that bad is it?? haha. Now I went in the car and screamed of course paul looked at me like I was crazy but wait till the end of the day he loses it too !!! And over someothing just as silly.  But we still have managed to keep our nightstops within a mile from a starbucks.  So Paul got his coffee (RED BULL) & away we go.

By far the best part so far of this whole trip was the mountains, yup were still in the mountains. I have never felt so tiny in my entire life. They are huge and the most beautiful things I have ever seen. (I will post pictures as soon as I find the wires.) We actually drove straight thru a mountain, it was this little tunnel, it was so cool. They were green and beautiful and the tops were covered in snow. We saw some quaint little towns and some amazing ski resorts. We stoppen in Vail, (amazing ski resort), they are renivating or re-building or something. It was beautiful. Ok the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life, are these signs for “Runaway Truck Ramp”‘s. Ok So you see the sign and then about a mile up you see this giant hill of sand. It is literally a ramp for trucks that run out of control going up and down the mountains it was the strangest thing I have ever seen.

Lesson #1 for today- when driving thru Colorado mt. if you have to take a pee break, go don’t wait, the next rest stop might not be for long long long time.

2:53 1st sign you see, Welcome to Utah. 2nd sign you see Eagles on Highway 3rd sign you see, Do not stop in Dust Storms. I feel safe now let’s drive faster…. scary!!!

4:25 Ok so in Utah there is a whole lot of nothing, you have to drive like 200 miles for anything. Paul actually peed on the side of the road, sorry i told you I would tell you everything, 5 miles later we found a rest top that had stalls and metal toilets that when i LOOKED LEFT OR RIGHT WHILE IN THE STALL i COULD SEE MY NEIGHBORS HEAD!!! Grooossssss!It was horrible. I assume we are in a desert because all you see is dirt and dead stuff, there is not a living thing other than us and some truckers on these roads.

Do not drive on 70 at night in Utah by yourself. it is really scary Paul would have had to sedate me. Thank god we only took one car!

Travel trip #2 today. If you stop at a rest stop and there is a Burger King, and there is no-one inside nor does it look like anyone has been inside in days, they will still put cheese on your hamburger even though you said no cheese twice, they will also give you extremely cold fries.

OOOhhhh Paul was screamin in the car and I was laughing, at starbucks it’s not ok for me to get mad but at burger king it’s very much ok for him to get pissed.

4:47. we stopped at a  few rest stops and took some pictures it is really pretty out there. I also wanted to take pictures to remind myself I never want to do this drive again. I was surprised he even let me stop because originally there was no stopping at all, but I think the U-haul put a rench in all of our plans.

Tonight we stopped in some little town. In the morning when we went to the starbucks all the signs said Providence. I am not sure if that was the city name or not but that  is where we woke up.

Ok one question….does anyone know a farmer in Utah. There are cows everywhere, even when there are no towns and no people there are packs of cows. I need to know if they are wild, if they are owned by a farmer and who knows where they are do they have GPS on them or something. They are everywhere on the side of the road I have never seen anything like it in my entire life and I just need to knoe now!!!

Day 3- Field trip to U-Haul

Well i thought today was going to be long, but I really had no idea how long. When I first woke up I got in a little trouble for i minor fnder bender i got in with Paul’s truck way back in march, oooppps. But first things first, Starbucks, where the guy in back of me said three times, “wow that is the longest drink order I have ever heard”. He obviously has no clue just how high maintanence I really am, well at least my coffee is. Boy it’s mornings like this that I truly miss my lissie at Starbucks in Garden City. We finally got on 80 at 9:45 it took us a really long time because the whole city and highway was under construction, so every time the gps brought us to an on ramp it was no longer there. Note to other drivers, Des Moines Iowa rt 235 is under major construction so beware of dead ends. Guess what more corn.

Oh did I mention paul is getting sick, and I have to tell you when paul gets sick he gets very cranky. He thinks a cold is coming on. So we pumped him up with Vitamen C packs, and Alleve cold & sinus. Maybe I should take a Benedryl today and sleep thru most of the day again..hehe. No-one likes a cranky Paul. Did I mention there is a ton of CORN.

1:47 still in freakin Iowa, we had to stop and find a pharmacy which was like finding a needle in a hay stack. Why you ask well remember the bee sting yea well today my foot is swollen and red and burns like a @#*. The pharmacist said buy some hydrocrotisone ( can’t spell it’s late) and said if it gets any worse to go to the doctor. Great just what we needed.If it gets any bigger I will look like the nutty professor.

1:15 well we had to make a pit stop……..U-Haul. Well we had figure that the rocking was just normal. We had gotten used to being passed by turtles and truckers. Then all the sudden there was a tahoe coming up in the rearview mirror, then the tahoe passed us doing 70-80 and then along came the trailor it was towing. The exact same size as ours, I looked at paul and it was like a cartoon I could see the steam coming out of his ears and nose. Did I mention there was a lot of CORN. About ten miles out I spotted and u-haul. An hour later, we had new shoes and had to re-shift a lot of our stuff in the trailor. Yes Matt, remember when I kept telling you heavy in the front and you kept saying it doesn’t matter well you are a big fat LIAR. It makes a huge difference. Did I tell you we got new shoes I love new shoes. (tires silly) Makes a huge difference when we got back on the road.

2:00 we fianlly hit nebraska, no pic I was on the phone with Marisa, surprise, she ahs a million matress questions, don’t ask. Nebraska has a lot of corn too. Oh by the way the u-haul is so much better we can go faster wich made a huge differnce and we are actually making up time. We can go 60-65 and no teeter tottering Yippeee. No matter where you look you see corn, tractor trailors, and fields, it’s very entertaining. Nebraska is a long freakin state even longer than PA and I thought that was bad, well Nebraska was worse.

7:22 Colorado, no picture it was too dark. Ok so we heard that when you hit nebraska there would be nothing, well they all lied. From when we hit co till now there was nothing. I mean nothing fields, corn, cows, donkeys, nothing else. There used to be houses that popped up well now there is NOTHING but CORN. I don’t know if I will ever even eat another piece of corn again. Well it’s late and we’ve stopped for the night. We didn’t make it to where we wanted to yet but it’s ok better safe than sorry.

Well we miss you and love you all,


K & P

Fights- 0

Pee Breaks- 6

bee sting – swollen