And then there were two – Krisily Kennedy

Then there were two. There have been so many rumors and spoilers on this finale that I am actually super excited to see how it will all go down. I have stayed off the internet all night just so that it wouldn’t be spoiled but I already know who wins it is just to obvious so I will make the call, Emily will win and Ashleigh H will be the next bachelorette. I don’t think Chantal would have any interest what so ever in being the bachelorette rumor has it she has moved on to someone new and is completely in LOVE and I say good for her. But I would have done the Bachelorette if I was her especially knowing what I now know, god what an experience, I mean 20 or so men falling and fighting for you and traveling the world, and the chance at actually finding true love, I mean I didn’t believe in it at all but look at Ali and Roberto, it did work for them and I hope it works for Brad too. Although I have to say meeting brad and seeing him light up when he spoke about his new love I can safely say it has definitely worked for brad as well!

Ok kids here we go. Tonight we are going to Cape Town, South Africa can you say wow. When brad cries when he sees his family I shed a tear myself. What America doesn’t understand is just how draining and amazing this journey can be and when you get to see your family that first time wow it is such a great feeling! I balled myself so I understand. I mean imagine being away for a month or so and having no contact with your family and making all these life changing decisions and then just when its time to make the most important one you get to finally see your family, yea exactly you would be crying to.

The first girl to meet the family is Chantal O, who is a bit nervous understandably. They all sit and chat a bit and Chantal tells them about her journey, how she just knew as soon as she saw him and how she fell in Love in Costa Rica. The brothers both take Chantal aside and ask some important question, about love and marriage and they Love Chantal, I mean really how can you not. Chantal sits with mom now and explains that she has fallen in love and would rather be with someone she truly loves than be with someone just to be with them, of course mom adores Chantal now as well. She is just so candid with the whole family it makes her very real and relatable. I love that Chantal addresses that they are living in lala land, but her favorite times with Brad are the ones when they are doing real things. Chantal is the BEST! Of course the family loves her, but I have to say Brad keeps looking elsewhere while Chantal talks to him, eek not a good sign, he hasn’t really held her hand or touched her either, I think his mind has been made up, lets see how the Emily date goes!

The family is now going to meet Emily this should be interesting. His face lights up immediately, if America thinks he is picking anyone but her they are crazy, the difference between his facial expressions were HUGE. Of course the first thing they talk about was Ricky and the second thing they talk about is Ricky’s dad. Emily is able to tell the story and the family is of course in tears. Emily talks about how hard this process is and the only thing that kept her there was Brad, because being here and away from her daughter has been so hard. Emily says she is willing to marry brad and move to wherever Brad is. Brads brother says he’s not only ready to be a husband but he is also ready to be a Father. Brad’s mom is brought to tears after talking to Emily.

Brad wants to talk to his family about both girls but at this point I think we see exactly whom his heart belongs to. His family tells him exactly what we already know these two girls are completely different and will lead to two completely different lives. A life of travel or a ready-made family. Brad’s mom of course thinks Emily is the whole package and the perfect girl for Brad.

Time for the last date with Chantal and they are going whale watching, and oh did I mention they are getting in a cage with sharks. Um yeah he is picking Emily you don’t take the girl your going to marry into the water with sharks, well not on this show anyway.  PS. Chantal makes a wetsuit look hot, who else can do that ha. In the water they go and with sharks and wow those things get really close I would be panicking, but not Chantal that girl gets in and is all about it. They go back to Chantal’s place and talk. Chantal gives Brad a map she makes showing all the places they have been and writes him a letter telling him all the things she never thought she would be able to do again and because of him she can. It is such a sweet moment and I am so sad to say that Brad wasn’t there at all; you can see it in his eyes. Breaks my heart because this whole time I thought it would be Chantal my girl but now I’m not so sure. Chantal wants to hear Brad say he loves her and unfortunately he has already told Emily that he loves her.

Emily is up next; you can see the difference in Brad when he is with Emily. They are taking a helicopter tour of Cape Town and they are going to land on the Cape of Good Hope. Brad cant stop touching her and kissing her, and he keeps telling her how much his family adores her. Emily brings up how serious it is that she has a child and this is a ready-made family. Brad looks really stressed and I can’t figure out if he is upset that he can’t tell her how he really feels or if he is really in limbo.  When brad comes to Emily’s place he explains how important it is that Emily give him the chance to be not only a good husband but also a father and Emily immediately questions him? Hmmm I think he is really trying here and I think that she is letting her insecurities fight it. Brad is trying to be what she needs him to be and Emily just keeps playing devils advocate instead of letting him just be there. Wow Emily just shot herself in the foot a bit, but I wonder now if he will choose her in the end, she questioned everything he stands for.

Can Neil Lane come and bring me a diamond ring? These rings are amazing and Brad is giddy picking out the ring; it is adorable. Watching this I can’t help but notice the similarities of my season the loud mouth, outspoken brunette, and the blonde petite southern belle. I still get teary eyed every season. I feel for the person who is left standing alone and I congratulate the lovebirds hoping that some day I will find the same thing. This right here is the exact reason we get so caught up in this show each season, to see people fall in love.

Chantal and Emily both look stunning. Chantal is up first, usually a bad sign. Get the dumping over first; my heat is breaking right now. Chantal looks so happy, Brad is telling her all the wonderful things they have together. Brad tells her she is someone he has looked for, for a really long time but he has stronger feelings for someone else. My heart breaks for her that is the hardest place in the world to be. Way to stay classy Chantal and congratulate Emily, you are amazing and deserve the best and that’s right no one should question the way they feel about you not at all.

Now it’s time for the proposal, which I am sure to cry through, so there may not be so much typing.  Although Chantal deserves love and has been my personal favorite all season I think we can all agree that Emily deserves this happiness and I truly believe that Brad and Emily are the real deal and will be together for a long time. He is literally teary eyed and now I am already crying and he hasn’t even started talking. How is she not crying yet?????  She is so damn calm I would be screaming lol, I guess that’s why she is a southern belle such a lady at all times. Ok I must say I find it a bit strange that she has not shed one tear?

After the final Rose is on next. Chantal is the first to come out and she looks stunning!! Chantal is a class act and has no regrets and thinks everything happens for a reason, I agree. Brad comes out to meet Chantal and it is a bit awkward. Chantal wants to know when he knew it wasn’t her, and of course he cant really answer it, one because he’s contractually obligated and two because he knew from the beginning it was Emily. Chantal has found someone new, woohoo can’t wait to meet him lol. Assuming of course Chantal and I will be greatest of friends ha!

Brad goes on and on about his love for Emily and then it comes out that twice they were going to get married and it hasn’t happened, and they have even broken up but they are still engaged now. Emily comes out and tells the truth that it has been really hard watching and well the press trying to tear them apart doesn’t help. She is no way ready to move to Austin and they have a lot to work on before any wedding plans. I keep watching and cant help but hurt for this poor girl, she was constantly talking about her insecurities and how she would sabotage all things good but I had no idea it what that bad. I agree that this is hard but wouldn’t you walk through fire for the one person you are meant to love forever? I would and I think she will see the Bigger picture and it will work out or so I hope. Wow that was a roller coaster of After the final rose. As viewers you think you know all that happens but there is so much more you don’t see and it is so hard to understand. Then you read tabloids or bloggers who give their input or their “insider” information and you get this image or story. Well unless you hear it from someone who has been on the show or from the actual person you really have no idea. This process is hard and while you get to do amazing things when you come home you doubt everything you thought you knew because now you are seeing something different play out on TV.  You can read the tabloids and bloggers but unless you have lived it than you cant imagine it. I have heard people say that they think Emily is whining and doubting to much, and to that I say she is playing it safe, while I agree that she needs to try and take a chance on love, I also applaud her for trying to adjust to real life, one day at a time. I also LOVED the couples that came back and gave their advice to both Brad and Emily who explained that real life can be hard right after the show but as long as they stick together they can have something amazing.

This has been a great season and I am actually excited to see Ashley as The Bachelorette I think she will be fun to watch and can’t wait to see where they will be going. Bachelor Pad is coming back this summer cant wait to see who the new cast will be.

Till the summer and The Bachelor Pad returns..