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Posted by Krisily on August 2, 2012 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (1)

I am beyond confused at yesterday's events at a fast food chain. Chick-Fil-a, controversy at a fast food chain, really? 

 So here is the short version of what has happened from what I can gather. Chick-fil-a President Dan Cathy made a public statement that he is opposed to same sex marriage and also said "I think we are inviting God's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage."  If he was saying this as his opinion fine, but no he said this while talking about the company’s “family values”

 A mayor, a council member and several other politicians spoke up against the company going as far as saying the franchise is not welcome in their cities and towns. Politicians, actors, equal rights groups and more have all been talking about boycotting the chain and Jim Henson Co has even stopped making the toys for their kid’s meals.

 On the flip side several other politicians, like Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum to name a few, of course were preaching their support for the business. Former presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, even dubbed Aug. 1 as Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day!

Yesterday people showed up in large numbers to support this franchise I became upset, then I heard their reasoning and became downrigh tconfused. People came out today not because they necessarily agreed with Chick-Fil-A’s president’s stance on gay marriage, but to stand up for what they have said is Freedom of speech, & freedom of religion. So let me get this straight you don't support the government banning a business based on religious beliefs, but yet its ok that they ban marriages based on them? If we are going to ask the government to act a certain way then it needs to be that way across the board. It is the same argument over and over again, separation of church and state, but why is it only ok to use this argument when it is convenient for them. I wonder if all the people standing in those lines waiting all that time for fast food that isn’t even that good realized that the one thing they were standing up for was the same exact thing the LGBT community is fighting for. Freedom

 Maybe we all need to start selling waffle fries, people will fight for a business’s rights but not for a fellow human being? Makes you wonder is money more important than love?


My guest blog from

Posted by Krisily on July 30, 2012 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

When my friend Romi came to me with the opportunity to guest blog on her site about being bisexual I was pretty excited and had so many thoughts on what to say. I was going to be funny and sarcastic but the more I wrote the more I thought about the actual issue here and well this is what came out:


Hi my name is Krisily and I’m Bisexual

This is where you all say, “Hi Krisily”


Ok so maybe I don’t walk around saying this, I don’t always wear t-shirts that state my sexual orientation and I believe that who I date is a VERY small part of who I am. But yet I still feel the need to share my truth with the world. Why you ask? Who cares? Well maybe no one truly does but if I can open my mouth and talk about a small part of me and show the world that I am so much more than who I fall in love with, than maybe, just maybe I can help someone else feel a bit more comfortable with who they are and even better, maybe I can help change someone’s mind about their thoughts, on what we like to call the LGBT community. I want to start the conversation, the more people that talk about it the more people I can reach, then the more we can all grow and learn.


LGBT “Community” well we do call ourselves a community don’t we?  What is the definition of a community to you? The dictionary tells us that the definition of community is a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists. When I think of a community I think of a large group of people all with a common thread, a group of people that support each other and understand not just the good but also the bad that their group may face. When I think of a community I think of a family, because family isn’t just the people that are related to you by birth, a family can also be the people in your life that understand and support every aspect of who you are as a person. So I ask you this, are we truly a “Community”?


LGBT stands for four little words, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender. Four little words that can cause fear, hate, heated conversation, shame, abuse, anxiety, and even death. This isn’t the type of community that you need a membership to, have to pay any sort of dues to, and there are no meetings to go to. Some people may be “members” of this community without anyone even knowing.  Our community is constantly under fire and being judged, and we as a community are constantly asking those around us not to judge us and to allow us to live our lives with the same rights as people who are not a part of our community.  As a community that is constantly judged for our lifestyle and the choices we make, one would think it was safe to assume that we would stand by one another no matter what part of the LGBT community you represent. I mean isn’t that what being part of a community means? Here is the part that breaks my heart, for a community who knows what seems to be never ending judgment we judge within our own group sometimes the most. Yup, I said it and I’m going to say it again until everyone hears me.  How in the world can you expect people to stop judging and hating if you can’t stop it yourself?


When I decided it was time to talk about my personal life out in the open with the public it was a very hard decision.  My family and friends were aware of my choices but lets be real here, the only reason why people have any idea who I am is because of one of two things Miss RI USA or that crazy little dating show called The Bachelor. The people that follow my life on facebook and twitter know who I am and care what I do mostly because of the straightest show on TV. So imagine my thought process on how to handle talking about the fact that one day I fell in love with a woman. I decided it was the right thing to do because I felt like there had to be someone else out there in this crazy world that felt just the way I did, right?  I started going to events for GLSEN (Gay Lesbian StraightEducation Network) and I started hearing teenagers stories and seeing 15 year olds that are braver than any adult I know. This is when I knew that the right thing to do was to share my truth because much like these teenagers I had a story and I needed to do my part to help change the views of the world one person at a time.


Cut to the first lesbian publication covering my “coming out” Autostraddle and while Riese had fun with it and for the most part I laughed my ass off at all the pictures, I then started scrolling down to the comment section and I was truly heartbroken. See I expected to get a lot of flack from bachelor fans and others but I NEVER expected to get it from the LGBT community itself. I mean reading some of those comments made me cringe, and I read all 219 of them. The ones that said I did it to extend my 15 minutes, the ones that said I couldn’t be bisexual, even the ones that commented on the length of my nails. Constant women and men calling themselves a part of this LGBT community, being judged themselves and now doubting me, and even worse telling me that I can’t be bisexual and to pick a side. But as I read through the comments I saw more and more women and men that were just like me, using the term Bisexual to describe their lifestyle too and the more they posted the more I saw the hate towards well the “B” in LGBT and I was blown away. So I wrote to Riese and we did a second story, this time with Jess and it was amazing.   This story had 270 responses and yup, I read all of those too. This time I was called articulate and endearing, people were happy I contacted Autostraddle to set the record straight and I even got a few apologies! I could have just sat and felt bad about the comments but instead I chose to contact the site and see if they were interested in actually interviewing me rather than just reporting about me, clearly it was a good move.


See the thing about me is I HATE labels, I hate even using the word bisexual but you know what it’s who I am. I want real, true, everlasting love and I think it’s kind of amazing that I have the ability to get past all the bullshit, all the drama and stereotypes and I can fall in love with the person. At the end of the day for me, that is all that matters, it’s all about the person.  As a community who is constantly preaching love is love, I think we may need to start practicing what we preach.  I will proudly show the world that there is a “B” in LGBT for a reason, because we do exist and we are not going anywhere.


Emily and her Romeos

Posted by Krisily on June 13, 2012 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I know I know I have been really bad at blogging lately with the bachelorette so here goes it. I know we are a few episodes in so I will have to start by saying I absolutely adore Emily as bachelorette. On Brad’s season we didn’t really get to know who Emily was, she was very guarded and for good reason the show can create monsters and Emily was playing it safe, she had a lot riding on this being a mom and all. This season we have really gotten to know who Emily is,what she stands for, and just how important being a mom is.


When I first heard that Ricki was going to be a part of the show I was a bit nervous but they have done such a great job at showing Em as a mom and what a great daughter she has raised. I like that we saw the real life of Emily and Ricki in the first few episodes and it made it all so much more real than we have seen in the past. I also love that Emily is taking a no nonsense shot at finding love, she is not hiding who or what she is and wants and it is absolutely refreshing.

 Can we jus talk about her clothing for a minute; I mean it is to die for. It has been said that her clothing allowance was up towards 350K,which I can totally understand because she looks flawless in every episode. I have to say that both Emily and my girl Michelle Money go down in history to be the best-dressed bachelorettes in our crazy family.


Ok on to this weeks episode. Well there was the Sean date and while I think Sean is a great guy I am not seeing her light up with him the way I do with others in the house. The date went very smooth and they seemed to get along great but did anyone else notice that when she talked to him it was kind of like she was talking to a group of children? I think Sean is an amazing guy I am just not sure I see him with Emily. I think he is a bit vanilla for her, a bit safe and I think Em needs a bit more well a bit more excitement in her man. Totally just my two cents. I am curious to see what happens with these two I like them but I’m not in love with them as a couple but I see him more as a best friend.


Then there was the group date where the guys had to show their best acting skills. Arie of course stood out playing the nurse because he was not only funny but had fun with it. Then there was Ryan oh how I love to hate him, he started the season as the front runner, the southern gentleman that we all wanted to win her heart, but each week I feel he is becoming more egotistical and condescending with not only the guys but also Emily. I was shocked that he kissed her twice in front of all the guys after complaining last week that Emily had kissed Arie and it made him soo mad. Cry me a river Ryan it’s the name of the game. After the hysterical play is over Doug decides to tell Emily that Kalon basically is calling little Ricki baggage and Emily about loses it and for good reason, I mean he knew what he was signing up for. I am pretty sure these guys were cast and knew she was going to be their girl. The “West Virginia hood rat backwoods” comes out and she gives Kalon a piece of her mind even quoting him and throwing his it's my turn to talk line back in his face. She gives him the opportunity to save himself and he sinks faster than the titanic. After telling him she is beyond upset and coming from someone who is raised by a single mother she is disappointed she then tells himto get the “f” out. I was never so proud of Emily as I was tonight. Doug well I am not so sure how I feel about him he seems rehearsed in his answers and not super genuine. No roses are handed out tonight.


Then we get to my favorite bachelor in the history of the franchise Jef. Oh how I want to know his inside scoop and what he is really like. They have an awkward encounter with a woman named jean and then decide to take off and have a few beers at a pub. This is the most natural I have seen both Emily and Jef since episode one and I pray he is the last one standing.Their relationship has progressed the most natural for me; he was smooth night one, awkward on the first date and is now comfortable sharing his feelings. The whole “ I want someone to share the details with” made my heart melt along with saying that if Ricki was baggage that she was a Chloe bag! He is my all time favorite and when they kissed you could tell their hearts were in it. I am totally Team Jef all the way.


The rose ceremony was full of Emily really questioning the boys. Most people have complained that Emily kept saying no one told her and she was disappointed, saying but Doug told her. Well hello ladies we all know that what she really meant was that there are guys in the house who she truly feels for and she was really upset that they weren’t the ones who spoke up. Of course my boy Jef made sure to bring it up on his date so big points to him.


I am really excited for next week’s episode. My eyes are on Arie, Sean, Jef, and Ryan, his player like actions are sucking her in, I am not a fan of him but it is clear Emily is. Emily really wants to give him the benefit of the doubt and just hope she doesn’t get burned. My favs are arie and jef, those two are the most genuine and she truly lights up when they are around. So I can't to see their relationships progress.


Make sure you check out our Bachelorette after show at AfterBuzzTV to hear our thoughts right after we watch and see you all next week. Wishing Emily the best and hoping she finds her happily ever after.




Bachelor Pad Week 2, Oh and my little rant

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Well kids here we are at week two and I have a just a few things to start with before we get into the show. Thank you all for every tweet, text, email & Facebook that you send me. I am well aware if not for this crazy show most of you would have no idea who I am, Thank God for roses and Mike Fleiss huh. I am also aware that I am a grammatical nightmare so if you have come to tell my how horrible of a writer I am or how uneducated I sound please step away from the blog now, I guarantee to be a mess. Maybe I am uneducated to you, but the last I checked a college education does not measure your intelligence and it doesn’t take an educated person to realize that your college degree does not make you have an amazing life how you live it does.

Any person that has ever been on a reality show has some sort of following whether it be 50 or 50,000 now if you measure a persons Importance by their number of followers then I'm not really sure I am worried about your opinion anyway. I do not need you to tell me how cool or un-cool me or any other of my bachelor friends or even the ones I don’t get along with are or aren't. I write each week because, I know its strange but there are people who enjoy my opinion, yes folks that is all it is, my opinion.

Now let's take a look at life, there are many different personalities and many of these personalities are compatible and some are not, I know strange right? Well there are people in this franchise I get along with, love and support and of course there are the ones I don't, and wait for it...... I am entitled to my opinion just as you are yours. Some of these people I have met and others I have not. I also didn't do the show because I desperate nor does anyone else, we are just the kind of people who enjoy taking chances and hopefully not having to many regrets although I totally regret every hair choice made on my entire season! So please before tearing apart me or anyone else on the show try and remember we are regular people with real life careers that went on a show to take a chance, yes we have real life careers, crazyright? So please choose your words wisely and try not to be hurtful.


On to the title Fame whores: well boy am I sick of this damn word. Every single one of us went on a TV show to find love. We all knew it was going to be on TV so that kind of makes us at least a little interested in Fame,  right? There are also many reality shows on TV and each season the cast tries to out do the past season so always expect more drama and back stabbing as the season’s progress. Now there are however a couple different types of people that go on these shows. There are the ones that do the show for fun, and experience. Then there the ones who want to be on TV not so bad right who doesn't want to be on TV it's kind of  cool to I mean we tune in each week and get emotionally invested in these people, so fun! The best part is when these people teach us something new, whether it is about ourselves or about things we may have not even given athought before seeing them on this show. Then there are the people who take it way to seriously, their lives revolve around all things television, they hangout to get the new scoop, become friends instantly with whoever the “it” person is at the moment and not always because they really like them, and they invite you places to take pictures get info and then offer it up the highest tabloid bidder! Yes this happens all the time and not just on Bachelor. So yes there are tons of Blogs from former cast and we all have our own opinions and not one of us is wrong. So whomever you are a fan of be a fan of, but don’t discount the opinions of others and try and remember we are all people just trying to share out thoughts to who ever wants to listen.

Ok now that I got that over with lets get to the good stuff, the actual show!

The second challenge is BRUTAL. Target on your back, well gotta hand it to the show they sure know how to make people feel like they are worthless. Lets draw a target on peoples back and then ask questions like who is least attractive, then lets put them all back in the house after to talk it out. WOW this was just sad. Without getting into it Melissa won for the girls,impressive throwing lady, and Stag won for the boys, High Five man.

Erika took this challenge the hardest and to her I am sending huge hugs. You are amazing, beautiful and who cares what those boys think because let’s face it would you really date any of them outside that house, yea I didn’t think so. Love you girl!

Blake and Kirk once again annoy me by talking smack about girls, that I am pretty sure they have both amde out with, do they not have anything better to talk about like I don’t know 250k.

Date one is Michael’s date. He takes Michelle, Erika, and Holly of course, BIG SURPRISE, HUGE. I do like that he takes Erika because he is not proud on how he won this challenge and knows she was really affected. Super nice guy. They go to a haunted hospital, I don’t know who thought of this date but I hope they don’t work on the show anymore. What the hell kind of date is this? Hands down worst date ever, yes even worse than my nightclub body shot date. Erika and Michael try and channel ghosts, and Michelle tries to get Michael to open up about holly which he does and confesses they have unfinished business. Michael gives the rose to whom else, everyone together, Holly. They go on the roof where Michael pours out his heart, tears up, makes me cry, and holly looks stone faced. This broke my heart. I really thought this would bring them together, and then at the same time Michael and I see that she has clearly moved on. I have met Michael a few times and have hung out with his brother and DeAnna and what great guys the stag’s are. These are two great and funny guys with personalities to kill. Michael get ready the flood gates of loving woman will open any time now, they have seen a side of you that is pretty amazing and vulnerable!!

Melissa’s date was second and she took Kasey, Kirk, and Blake on a sort of cruise. Melissa and I are going to have a long hard talk about her choices. Girl you need to be way more confident these boys are killing me. Kasey thinks he should get the rose, and has made a "deal" withe melissa and promises her safety, oh and also that Melissa is expendable. Blake thinks that he should get the rose because Kasey is losing credibility by telling everyone the same thing in the house. Who is the dirtiest dog on the date Blake who sees Melissa’s vulnerability and decides hey if he has to make out with a girl he doesn’t like to be safe then he will do it. Now I said many times I would make out with almost anyone for 250K I mean I did, but Blake isn’t thinking long term and he doesn’t like Melissa so this will blow up in his face.

 So back at the house all kinds of annoying things have happened. Vienna is talking about what else Jake being scary and horrible, and in walks Jake. He wants to talk to V about everything apologize and basically ask for help. Vienna does what every mature woman would and says that she does not feel comfortable talking to him without Kasey. I totally get not wanting to talk to him alone, their relationship was clearly volitile, but there is a house full of people that can be there for you. If you don’t want drama in your life then don’t create it. Gia had gone to graham totalk about breaking up Vienna and Kasey and how important it is to the game. Holly is torn between Blake and Michael, and I am disappointed. Holly I thought you were way smarter than that, really Blake, the same guy who was making out with Melissa? Ugh Blake wants to know why Melissa is so emotional and crazy and wellI I bet we can all tell him, but hey lets keep him guessing.

Jake is sinking fast and he is trying to campaign to stay in the house, he goes to Kasey and Vienna and asks for help. Well that sure takes a set. Kasey and Vienna are a bit mean and start to play president and wife of the Bachelor Pad, really who died and make you two king and queen, this makes me sad. I mean I get sticking up for your girl but this is a Kasey I have never seen and I am not proud. Vienna says the entire house is miserable because of Jake and the truth is that the house is miserable because Kasey and Vienna can't let it go.  You say all these things about honesty, compassion, and protecting well some of that means being the bigger person and moving on. Time to let it go kids. Keep calm and carry on.

And no I am not team Jake I continue to stay Team Michelle and it will stay that way to the end. Oh and will everyone stop saying Jake shouldn't have tried to squash it on TV, of course he did. 1 she wouldnt have listened in the real world and um It's the bachelor we do everything on TV. People who live their lives to be in the press can't get mad when other people get it and they don't.

Of course Graham tells Kasey about Gia’s plan and Kasey confronts Gia who is shocked that this has happened. Oh my Gia, girl you can’t trust anyone when to comes to this game and money. I love you so much and I tell you all the time I wish had more faith in people like you do, but for once you needed my attitude in that house, trust no one! I was shocked when I found out you were doing the show knowing how hard it was the first time and I knew this time would be way worse. Don’t get me wrong given the opportunity I probably would have done it as well, but know looking at it, I am so glad I wasn’t asked. Gia decideds not to give the the satisfaction of sending her home at a rose ceremony and she packs and leaves. Originally i thought wow why wouldnt she wait for the rose ceremony, I mean we all had to it comes with the territory, but knowing some of those people and seeing what this show is doing to them I now get it.

The entire house is talking about sending home either Jackie or Ella. Ames has been campaigning for Jackie to stay of course. Melissa isreally upset about Blake and well she has a right too.  Blake is squirming and now he is  calling her crazy? Well you should have thought about that before you made out with her to stay safe, think longevity man. Ella is also trying to get everyone to keep her safe. Kasey wants everyone to be faithful to him but yet he doesn’t have to faithful to the promises he makes? Hello pot meet kettle, that’s not really how the game works.

My favorite part of the night is when Chris comes in and asks what the tone of the house is. Basically Chris calls Kasey and Vienna out and in more ways than one says grow up and let it go. Chris then tells the group everything is about to change and well this week two girls are going home and no men!! Well damn I guess someone wants Jake to stay at least one more week. I would have been pissed, wow wow wow really you need the drama that much you change the voting to keep Jake because you knew he was going home……Hmmm that smells fishy to me just saying.

Ella is kept safe and in the best twist if the night when Jackie is sent home Ames walks her to the car, closes the door starts to head back to the group and in one small circle heads right back to car, you could even hear their heartbeats in their microphones when they were saying goodbye,how freaking cute is that. They talk about how they won buy meeting each other they kiss and away they go. I am balling and this is the best limo drive out of the pad I have ever seen.

Sorry this was so long but you know me I have to say what I feel. See you all next week!!



Is it Bachelor Pad 2 or The Jake, Vienna, Kasey story?

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Bachelor Pad 2


Well that was the longest three hours of my life. My ADHD kicked in around 1 hour and 45 minutes and the rest just killed me. This is defintely so much different than our season. Our first elimination was easy actually the first couple eliminations were easy for the girls and we always voted as a group in the beginning. Then we all had to take sides to break up the “Powercouples” which as we all know didn’t work, once Gia saved Wes instead of Craig,and when Nikki went against the group and saved Kipten which as we all know was a game changer.


My first complaint is that if I wanted to watch a special on Jake, Vienna, and Kasey I would have tuned in but I was under the impression I was watching The Bachelor Pad 2, which had a cast of what 20 people. Once the first game started I was like wait who is that again. Second complaint I they didn’t introduce all the cast, we never got to see certain people get out of the limo.


Before I get into my thoughts I want to say that I am pulling for Michelle to win, and I think she can. One she is a great person and will do GREAT things with the money, two she knows how to read people, three she is likeable, and 4 she is an actress, all great and all helpful in winning so I am TEAM MICHELLE MONEY.


The sad part is, is that so much of the episode was based on Jake, Vienna, and Kasey that I almost don’t have much to say. I mean I never really liked Jake until I met him and he is actually a pretty nice guy. Kasey and I were best friends for a while and confided in each other for many, many things and all that changed when he started dating Vienna.  Vienna and I never really got along,mostly because I just don’t believe that some of the things she does are very respectful, but also because if you are going to live your life a certain way than own it, don’t play the victm, own it and move on. I know that my opinion will not make anyone happy but the truth is, is I don’t care. It’s my opinion, for instance if you meet someone within a circle of friends multiple (5-6) times and each time you pretend you don’t know them, in my book, your not a great person because no one is that important and you are not too good to remember a friends name. But that’s my opinion and you don’t have to agree with it at all.


Everyone thinks Jake was stupid for going on the show, but he went on the show for a very specific reason, and no I don’t buy for one bit that it was because he still loves her, I think he went back on the show because America has always seen Vienna as the victim and I think he wanted to show America what Vienna is like. They had a very public breakup and Vienna sold the story for a considerable amount of money. Now if that was the only time she ever did press for something like a fight then I think America and cast mates would giver her the benefit of the doubt but she is kind of in the press a lot, so people are going to start to wonder.


As far as Kasey and Vienna go well as we have seen in the episode their relationship can be a bit rocky, as much as they get along and love each other, they fight and fight nasty so this will be a constant problem and we will continue to see the ups and downs, their will be a lot of fights and tears and this could be what ultimately gets them sent home if they are not in the final four. You can't always play the victim and you have to be accountable for your actions at some point.


No I don’t read spoilers and no I don’t want to know what any of them say but thanks anyway.


Ok enough about them lets get to the rest of the cast. Who will couple up who won't I think we will all be surprised by that one. I was really excited to see both Stag and William because I think together they will have some of the best one liners in the show, they are both hysterical and I hope to see more of them.


I was surprised to see people playing both sides so early on and wondered if they had watched the first season, I know it will be a bit different but that is definitely something that will get you sent home early on.


Erica I just adore she has so much fun with everything and I love her attitude, she is smarter than most of the people I know but man she outs on such a great show, she knows exactly what they want and she gives up great TV. But don’t doubt that girl’s intelligence or you will get burned quickly.


Ella, wow what a story and I love how positive she remains about it all and the fact that she wants to give her son what she didn’t have resonated so deeply with so many people. I am glad we got to see a different side of her, but I also wonder if she will be too sweet to last?


Blake just made me mad every time he opened his mouth and the only smart thing he said all episode was to break up the power couple, ding ding dig he does have a brain! Thank god because the macho man isn’t workingf or him at all.


Every time Holly came on I just thought of Nat on my season,she talks a lot about the boys in the house and was happy to be out of the game to go drink, totally something Nat would say. Will she too partner hop??


Graham is adorable and totally this years Kiptyn and I see on the promo that he has a crush on Michelle Money and well we all know how much I love her so GO FOR IT. I mean what guy wouldn’t have a crush on her.


Gia, my little gia. I was shocked she went back in and did it again. I was also shocked that she wasn’t the first person sent home. If I  was in a house competing for cash and someone from a past season walked in they would be the first sent home. Why should they get a second chance? Everyone keeps commenting on the boyfriend situation and I am here to tell you that this relationship is much different for gia and they are happy and very much in love so she had nothing to worry about this time!


Jackie and Ames are just adorable and I hope to see them still together after all this is said and done. Love that RI girl, but I think she is to sweet to make it to far. You have to be kind of nasty to get far in this game especially with this cast and Jackie is to sweet for that.


Kirk, ugh he pissed me off too mostly because he made the nasty comment about getting drunk and ending up with Erica. First of all she’s brilliant and you couldn’t be so lucky second of all you can’t always use alcohol as your excuse. I think you probably do a good job making stupid choices sober too.


I will say this in episode one Jake totally came to play and I and I think most people were shocked that at the end of the day he had the upper hand and looked like the better person. I was impressed that he saved V actually way to gain trust with people in the house. I was also surprised Gia was upset by that as much as they are friends it’s a game and she did the same for Wes on our season. I am hoping that next week we see more of the rest of the house because the Jake, Vienna, Kasey story is draining and there has to be more going on than that.


Worst quotes of the night:

“Rated R Reality star is here”

“This is for America, This is for my girlfriend”

“I’m gonna take a Jake and wipe my Pavelka” what does that even mean?



Best part of the night: when it was finally over, don’t get me wrong it was fun but three hours WAY TOO LONG!! I think we will see a lot more "acting" this season as well, wether it be for airtime or for the benefit of staying another week, but i think some of the couples we will see , outside of that house will never be together again!


See you all next week lots of love and follow me on Twitter @Krisily


Ashley's week two & Bad News Bentley

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Bachelorette Week two:


So I started off the season thinking I was not going to Blog and well this may not be a weekly blog but there are definitely a few things that are a must say fro me on this.  Where to begin well that is the hard part, I usually don’t find the drama as much fun on the bachelorette but they sure have some weird ones on this show. While watching the first episode I had some favorites but you really cant get a feel for the guys until the second episode and now I officially have my favorites and of course my not so favorites. But before I get to the boys I have to talk about sweet little Ashley, she looks amazing, I mean from her hair to well pretty much everything she looks so fresh and renewed. Pretty much every time the camera pans to het she is glowing and I mean who wouldn’t be she has all these guys swooning over her. The one thing that could get tough this season is you can tell Ashley is not an actress and when she isn’t into someone you can see it in her body language and the way she talks to the guys, which could get interesting. Either way this girl looks amazing and I think it will be fun to watch and see if she does find her husband, which I think she just may have!


Ok on to the boys, well I have my favorites already from the first night both myself and Ashley were into JP, I mean who couldn’t be he is adorable and has a bit of a swagger, you can tell he is a grown man who is extremely confident which could come across as a bit cocky but I think its just confidence. William is of course another one of my favorites I mean can we all talk about the fact that he looks just like prince William, with more hair of course. Is he adorable but he is hysterical, the other guys will find this annoying but as a girl well we all want to laugh with our man don’t we? Love him and their date was amazing, I mean that was a dream date and they were both enjoying each other, they had fun, laughed and were able to be serious as well which is so important especially when you have only a short time on a show like this. Ok next favorite is Ryan P we haven’t seen much of him yet but I think he is adorable. I also like Ames mostly because he is so freaking smart and that is sexy. Lastly Ben he has grown on me now that I see him on the show, Ben the wine guy lol he is charming, sweet and you can tell he is into Ashley. He also owns a winery, to me that equals passion, and I feel like I have never met anyone into wine that wasn’t a passionate person.


And of course we have to talk about the MASK, I mean will he ever take it off? This really has me wondering, I mean why would she keep this guy, they have barely spoken and well the mask is just creepy. At first I totally got it, the whole wanting to be kept around based on personality and not looks I actually think that was amazing but we are on to episode three if the mask doesn’t go this week then please Ashley please send him packing now its just weird.


And lastly there is what I think we all agree on, the BIGGEST villain in Bachelor History Bentley. There is just so much to talk about with this guy. First of all I have read a few places that people think the producers or ABC have made him act this way, and well I HAVE to disagree completely. As much drama as he has created even the producers couldn’t dream up a guy this stupid. When the show opened up last week Ashley sits and tells Chris that a former cast member had called her and warned her that Bentley was coming on the show and for all the wrong reasons. I am pretty sure at this point we all know that person was Miss Michelle Money. First off I want to say that Michelle is one of the sweetest, kindest woman I have ever met and know that she told Ashley this with the best of intentions. I love that Michelle stood up for her friend and I also love that Ashley decided to give Bentley the benefit of the doubt. We all in life have made mistakes and if everyone listened to what someone else said about them we may never date again. Now Michelle was clearly right about Bentley but guess what, now that Ashley has given him a chance although she may have gotten hurt in the process, this guy is now the biggest tool on TV, I mean who would ever date this guy now? I also want to know why everyone is comparing Bentley to Wes, which is not even a close comparison. Bentley has intentionally set out to hurt Ashley and verbalized the fact that he wanted to make her cry. Wes may have been seen as a villain and done and said some stupid things but he never set out to hurt Jillian on purpose.


After seeing all the things said about Michelle Money last season and then meeting her and seeing just what an amazing woman she is I promised to never judge someone’s character on this show again, but this guy is just horrible. There is no play on words here, this isn’t someone trying to be funny and taken out of context this a guy that thinks he is better and is setting out to be mean. But at the end of the day everyone has now witnessed how nasty this man is being and hopefully he won’t be able to hurt any more woman like this.


I am curious to see how it all pans out with all of the guys. I also have to send my love to Ashley, watching this back has to be at times heart wrenching so I hope that you are surrounding yourself with great friends and family, and remember in the end it is all worth it if you have found the one you love!!


Until next week xoxo



The 1st Ten Dating Dont's

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I have been joking around about writing a book on dating DONT’S, and I guess I have been mostly joking because it amazes me how many of us need it. Now clearly I am not the best in the relationship department, we all saw the crash and burn on national television that was fun. But I am still single and haven’t successfully dated in well lets just say a while. Now the dates that I have gone on, WOW I could write a book just on those and you all would finish and tell me I should probably just give up on Love all together because luck clearly isn’t on my side. But listening to my friends and their stories I am starting to realize that it’s not just me, PHEW, I was starting to worry a bit. Now first let me just say I am NOT at all the easiest person to date. I am extremely independent, secure, Stubborn, will buy shoes instead of groceries, and love my dogs more than I will ever love anything else. But I am also loyal, honest, and can admit when wrong, well except for that one time. But I find that dating for me and other woman like me is proving to be difficult, I had a friend tell me once that a strong, secure, independent woman is scary for a man, and to him I said well than that’s not the man for me. Right? I mean I want someone to be by my side, support me, get what my life is about, and challenge me to be better. I do not want someone who is jealous, insecure, and cant handle themselves without help daily. I mean I am still single so clearly this is much harder to find than I originally expected, but I tell you this I will not lower any of those standards at all those are deal breakers in my mind and should be in yours too no matter what you do or who you are!


I have been thinking of all the crazy stories I have heard lately about dating and I decided to put together a list of things you should never, ever do or say to a potential or current girlfriend or boyfriend, take notes kids because this is going to be good!


Here is my first Top 10 Never Evers in dating-


1-    Never say “ If you loved me you would do…” this can only end badly and guess what if you loved me you would never say this


2-    Never say “ You will regret this decision” chances are that I may but saying that only makes me want to do it more


3-    Never say “ walking away from me is the biggest mistake you will ever make” Unless you are a mother and you are talking to your child in a busy theme park this is not at any time acceptable to say to someone you supposedly love


4-    Don’t text  “ I really want to see you” if you don’t, because if you get a response and the person wants to see you too now you have to answer or you look like an ass. If you don’t answer them for the rest of the night you will be lucky to hear from them again


5-    Don’t look desperate- it is one think to text someone say hi and it would be great to hang, but if they don’t respond then don’t continue texting, if they want to see you they will call.


6-    Don’t say “ I get hit on all the time, and get invited to go out and meet girls/guys all the time, but I don’t for you” News flash that doest make me feel special or make me want you more, makes me say good glad they hit on you, your going to need them soon.


7-    If you are in a relationship and face book or Twitter comments become a problem, realize it’s the relationship that is the problem not the social networking sites. Unless of course your boy/girlfriend is blatantly asking others out in plain site. But when status updates and tweets get thrown in your face that is just silly, its time to grow up and move on.


8-    Never ever invite two prospects to the same event! This should be rule one and we should all know this and if someone does it to you its time to take their info out of your phone ASAP.


9-    Don’t lie- you will almost always get caught, and if you lie more than once you will definitely get caught how can you possibly keep up with it?


10-    Never sit around and complain about all the things your boy/girlfriend does wrong. Here is my motto- Look at the person you are dating for all their good and all their bad, now if you can look at them and love them and think in 10 years if they are the EXACT SAME person and you can lie with all their good and bad, then you are in a great relationship, If they do make changes for the better than you will be happy but you aren’t relying on those changes to make you happy. If you look at your relationship and see more things you hope will change than things you can live with then either suck it up or walk away. You cant expect people to change you can only accept them for who they are and move forward.


Hope these made you laugh a bit but also made you think. So many of us stay in relationships for far to long hoping they will change, but at the end of the day they really don’t change at all so either get in or get out but either way hold yourself accountable for your actions and always make sure above all you are happy.

Have an amazing day and Love with all your heart !! xoxo



Fancy Dresses and an Empty Heart

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And so it happens yet again, a voicemail from none other than my mother, screeching into the phone that I will never believe who she has run into, never ever believe, and I must call her back this instance so she can tell me who I will never believe she ran into. You get the point right. Getting extremely excited that she has run into an old friend I have been trying to get in touch with I quickly call her back. My mother answers still screeching in an extremely high tone, “You will never ever guess in a million years who I just ran into” and then it happens once again like so many other times. I now want to crawl in a whole big enough for my two boxers and myself. Why me? Why does she insist on these phone calls? As I am sure you can guess by this point she has not run into an old friend I have been searching for she has run into and ex, and ex I was supposed to marry I may add. Not only did she run into an ex but also she ran into him while he was holding his beautiful 2-year-old daughter. Here comes the lecture I can feel it, it usually goes a little something like this. “I am getting so old, when am I ever going to be a grandmother? Don’t you want to get married and have babies? Don’t you want to be a mom? Don’t you want me to be around to help you take care of your babies? I am getting so old and all I want is grandbabies and NOT ones with fur and four legs, a real baby. You don’t even have to get married anymore just have a baby” This goes on and on really every single time we speak I hear about how she wants babies.


It made me think, is it unacceptable to be 31, single, and in no rush to have a family? I mean I am sure that if I still lived back in RI I would most likely be married and probably have at least one child. But I have since moved far far away to la la land, literally. Where it seems like almost no one is in a healthy relationship and I hardly ever see real children, unless they are on TV. I also have to add that there is not a thing wrong with anyone who is married with children but when did it become not Ok to not be one of them? I mean I am living my life doing the things I love to do and trying to make all my dreams come true. But then I sit and wonder when do I stop? At what point in my life do I stop and say ok this isn’t happening for me and will it be to late? When I was at Miss USA in 2003 one of the judges in my interview asked me

“ In 10 years when you look back at your life what will be your biggest accomplishment?”

My answer without a doubt in my head

“ Being a mom”

 Not the answer they were looking for of course, but it was what I truly thought would be my biggest accomplishment. Well its almost 10 years later and I’m still not a mom, nor am I even close to being a mom or getting married. So I wonder, my life has clearly changed paths, but when will be I willing to walk away from the dream, or will I, or will I be one of the lucky ones who gets to have both.


I love my life and would not trade it in for anything. I work my tail off for everything that I have and can do as I please. I have two amazing dogs that keep me grounded and friends that love me for who I am even if I am tough to love sometimes. Whether I fail or succeed doesn’t matter at this point because I’m still in the game. But I often wonder how long will that be enough for and when will I want more? Will it be there when I’m ready or will I have let it slip away and will I be left with nothing but fancy dresses, expensive shoes, and an empty heart?



How I stay Happy and Healthy

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Hello friends. Well I have been getting a lot of diet and exercise questions lately, I think it’s because summer is coming and we all want to look great in our bathing suits, me included. So I decided better get to writing, so hear I am trying to decide how to go about all this diet stuff. First off I must tell you I am NOT certified in any kind of Diet or exercise programs I am just sharing what has worked for me. I also want to start off by telling you that like most woman my body image and my weight is something I have struggled with my entire life. I went through stages of being overweight, all the way up to 200 lbs, and way underweight, 115, as well. I have since found a place called my happy weight; it is the weight that I feel my best at which is 135. I am 5’7, which is pretty tall, and at 135 I feel my best, I am lean and have muscle and I still have my curves! I have tried every diet out there and have also done things the wrong way as well. So I am here to share what I have learned has worked for me over the years.


The one diet I have to say works more than other I have tried is Weight Watchers it was the first diet I had tried that I ate real food that I bought and prepared and could even go to restaurants and still lose weight! It was great I did the counting points side of the diet and it truly taught me how to eat right and how important portion control is. You can check the out here !


Now I have gotten to a point where I don’t have to count points anymore. I LOVE food more than anything and have weakness’s BIG ones mostly sweets and carb's so I had to learn to control those without completely taking them out of my diet. I don’t believe in saying NO you can’t eat that, I think you can but in moderation. You can't eat a cupcake every single day but you can once a week and it’s going to taste so much better when you do!


If you watched The Bachelor Pad you may remember the pie-eating contest that I had to bow out of. About two years ago I became really sick and wasn’t able to eat much, after lots of Dr’s and tests they figured out that I had gallstones, big ones, and was going to have to have my gallbladder removed. This was a fairly easy surgery, which a lot of people have and live their normal lives after it. After the surgery the Dr’s told me that for a while it would be hard to digest many foods so I needed to take it easy and start slow. Well I did and everything was making me sick, after months of this and lots more testing the Dr’s told me that I am one of the few people that’s bodies have a hard time adjusting to digestion without a gallbladder and that I would have a much harder time digesting fatty foods and I should cut out things that are high fat, fried and greasy, basically all the good stuff. Good-bye In N Out.  When I did try foods that were on the do not eat list I would end up in ER so I quickly stopped trying. So I had to learn to eat again and it’s been hard. I basically can eat clean foods, which you think would keep me pretty thin but because I do fine with breads and carb's I keep the weight on.


HA that's me crying and telling Chris I can't eat all that pie or I will end up in the hospital and that wouldn't help me win $250K, I am not a very cute crier hehe.

My diet at this point is pretty bland and also pretty consistent for fear of getting so sick I end up in the ER again.


I am and egg white and toast girl in the AM they make me happy and keep me full of energy until lunch. If I am feeling like living on the edge I will have half of an onion bagel with fat free cream cheese on it, wooohoo living loud now. COFFEE is a must for me as well I use fat free coffee mate and a splenda and it’s delish!


In between breakfast and lunch I like to have a snack, I usually have a Luna or cliff bar they are really yummy.


For lunch is always a salad, I Love salad and I only eat spinach or kale salads these days. I use to eat all the other kinds of lettuce but never felt full and wasn’t getting half the nutrition I can get by eating spinach or kale. I always have some protein on my salad as well either chicken or Hard boiled eggs, whatever is at the salad bar that day and for dressing well I don’t like many so I use very very little extra virgin olive oil, a little garlic salt, and apple cider vinegar. It’s the best, apple cider vinegar is so good for you it helps aid in digestion and helps burn fat!


I usually like a snack before dinner as well and my afternoon snack is an apple and almonds, I love Fiji apples they are so sweet and yummy and raw almonds make the perfect pairing.


Dinner is a toss up this one I change up much more often. Sometimes it’s more salad, spinach or kale, and sometimes its sushi, which I have become a big fan of recently. I like California roles, salmon and yellowtail mmm making me hungry just typing. I also love to make chicken on my George Forman, it always cooks all the way through and takes out all the fat, I usually pair this with any green vegetable but mostly asparagus because its my FAVORITE! I only put lemon on my asparagus with a touch of extra virgin olive oil. I will also eat pasta every so often as well, which I make at home because most of the sauces in the jar make me sick and have too much additives as well.


Cant forget my sweet tooth which I get all the time and if I don’t I end up eating the entire bake shop. I like Fat free chocolate pudding with fat free cool whip or sugar free Jell-O with fat free cool whip its amazing!


I am also a big juicer I LOVE to juice and will start posting some of the juices I make.


AS for exercise well it is key as well. Eating healthy is a priority but exercising just makes you feel good. I have worked with trainers and find that most talk a lot about results but don’t listen to your wants and needs, so again I found what worked for me. I practice Yoga twice a week with an amazing yoga instructor in West Hollywood, I have been practicing now for about a year and there is a complete difference in my body and the way I feel. It is an amazing exercise that not only strengthens your body but it really does soothe your soul and quiet your mind. I find my body craving that quiet time and needing it. When I miss a class I can tell I am off, it’s amazing. I also have started running this year, ugh right.  Two Christmas’s ago when I was home my cousin Courtney and our friend Dina told me about this thing called couch to 5k and that I could download these podcasts and t would teach me to run and build me up to run a 5k. Two years later I actually tried it and fell in love with running, not only do I feel amazing after I finish but it truly transforms your body. I started off by running on a treadmill and recently switched to running outside and boy what a difference. I can’t run as fast pr as far outside and I am trying to build myself back up but I cant lie I may just go back to treadmill running.

You can get more info on Couch to 5K here ! The podcasts that I used you can find HERE ! If that link doesnt work search couch to 5K on Itunes I used Robert Ullrey's.


I practice yoga on Tuesday and Thursday and I run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On my running days I try and add other stuff in as well like crunches, we all hate them but they have to be done and lunges and squats as well I like have a big booty and want to keep it and lunges and squats help keep it in shape!


Like I said earlier I am no expert and I am just sharing what has worked for me. As soon as I start eating healthy and working out I notice not only a shift in my body by also my attitude I feel happier and have way more energy and I have to say after a run I actually feel sexy and what woman doesn’t want to feel sexy! Ladies its not about how much we weight but how happy we are with ourselves and by staying healthy and taking care of ourselves we become happy with the way we look and feel no matter what weight we are. The more you eat healthy and stay active the sexier we will feel and then the pounds just come off. So start small and build your way up it’s the only way it works and don’t listen to the newest fad, find what works for you, your body, and your schedule! Make sure and do one active thing each day for at least thirty minutes, go for a walk, play with your kids, or chase a dog anything that gets that heart rate up and once you start moving you wont want to stop I promise. But remember to start slow, if you take on to much to fast you will either get hurt or feel overwhelmed, so small goals at first and one at a time you will cross them off your list and start feeling amazing!


If you have any questions please let me now and please share what works for you as well. I love to try new things and we can all learn from one another. Can’t wait to hear all your stories! Stay healthy and every once in a while EAT THAT CUPCAKE!





And then there were two

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Then there were two. There have been so many rumors and spoilers on this finale that I am actually super excited to see how it will all go down. I have stayed off the internet all night just so that it wouldn’t be spoiled but I already know who wins it is just to obvious so I will make the call, Emily will win and Ashleigh H will be the next bachelorette. I don’t think Chantal would have any interest what so ever in being the bachelorette rumor has it she has moved on to someone new and is completely in LOVE and I say good for her. But I would have done the Bachelorette if I was her especially knowing what I now know, god what an experience, I mean 20 or so men falling and fighting for you and traveling the world, and the chance at actually finding true love, I mean I didn’t believe in it at all but look at Ali and Roberto, it did work for them and I hope it works for Brad too. Although I have to say meeting brad and seeing him light up when he spoke about his new love I can safely say it has definitely worked for brad as well!


Ok kids here we go. Tonight we are going to Cape Town, South Africa can you say wow. When brad cries when he sees his family I shed a tear myself. What America doesn’t understand is just how draining and amazing this journey can be and when you get to see your family that first time wow it is such a great feeling! I balled myself so I understand. I mean imagine being away for a month or so and having no contact with your family and making all these life changing decisions and then just when its time to make the most important one you get to finally see your family, yea exactly you would be crying to.


The first girl to meet the family is Chantal O, who is a bit nervous understandably. They all sit and chat a bit and Chantal tells them about her journey, how she just knew as soon as she saw him and how she fell in Love in Costa Rica. The brothers both take Chantal aside and ask some important question, about love and marriage and they Love Chantal, I mean really how can you not. Chantal sits with mom now and explains that she has fallen in love and would rather be with someone she truly loves than be with someone just to be with them, of course mom adores Chantal now as well. She is just so candid with the whole family it makes her very real and relatable. I love that Chantal addresses that they are living in lala land, but her favorite times with Brad are the ones when they are doing real things. Chantal is the BEST! Of course the family loves her, but I have to say Brad keeps looking elsewhere while Chantal talks to him, eek not a good sign, he hasn’t really held her hand or touched her either, I think his mind has been made up, lets see how the Emily date goes!


The family is now going to meet Emily this should be interesting. His face lights up immediately, if America thinks he is picking anyone but her they are crazy, the difference between his facial expressions were HUGE. Of course the first thing they talk about was Ricky and the second thing they talk about is Ricky’s dad. Emily is able to tell the story and the family is of course in tears. Emily talks about how hard this process is and the only thing that kept her there was Brad, because being here and away from her daughter has been so hard. Emily says she is willing to marry brad and move to wherever Brad is. Brads brother says he’s not only ready to be a husband but he is also ready to be a Father. Brad’s mom is brought to tears after talking to Emily.


Brad wants to talk to his family about both girls but at this point I think we see exactly whom his heart belongs to. His family tells him exactly what we already know these two girls are completely different and will lead to two completely different lives. A life of travel or a ready-made family. Brad’s mom of course thinks Emily is the whole package and the perfect girl for Brad.


Time for the last date with Chantal and they are going whale watching, and oh did I mention they are getting in a cage with sharks. Um yeah he is picking Emily you don’t take the girl your going to marry into the water with sharks, well not on this show anyway.  PS. Chantal makes a wetsuit look hot, who else can do that ha. In the water they go and with sharks and wow those things get really close I would be panicking, but not Chantal that girl gets in and is all about it. They go back to Chantal’s place and talk. Chantal gives Brad a map she makes showing all the places they have been and writes him a letter telling him all the things she never thought she would be able to do again and because of him she can. It is such a sweet moment and I am so sad to say that Brad wasn’t there at all; you can see it in his eyes. Breaks my heart because this whole time I thought it would be Chantal my girl but now I’m not so sure. Chantal wants to hear Brad say he loves her and unfortunately he has already told Emily that he loves her.


Emily is up next; you can see the difference in Brad when he is with Emily. They are taking a helicopter tour of Cape Town and they are going to land on the Cape of Good Hope. Brad cant stop touching her and kissing her, and he keeps telling her how much his family adores her. Emily brings up how serious it is that she has a child and this is a ready-made family. Brad looks really stressed and I can’t figure out if he is upset that he can’t tell her how he really feels or if he is really in limbo.  When brad comes to Emily’s place he explains how important it is that Emily give him the chance to be not only a good husband but also a father and Emily immediately questions him? Hmmm I think he is really trying here and I think that she is letting her insecurities fight it. Brad is trying to be what she needs him to be and Emily just keeps playing devils advocate instead of letting him just be there. Wow Emily just shot herself in the foot a bit, but I wonder now if he will choose her in the end, she questioned everything he stands for.


Can Neil Lane come and bring me a diamond ring? These rings are amazing and Brad is giddy picking out the ring; it is adorable. Watching this I can’t help but notice the similarities of my season the loud mouth, outspoken brunette, and the blonde petite southern belle. I still get teary eyed every season. I feel for the person who is left standing alone and I congratulate the lovebirds hoping that some day I will find the same thing. This right here is the exact reason we get so caught up in this show each season, to see people fall in love.


Chantal and Emily both look stunning. Chantal is up first, usually a bad sign. Get the dumping over first; my heat is breaking right now. Chantal looks so happy, Brad is telling her all the wonderful things they have together. Brad tells her she is someone he has looked for, for a really long time but he has stronger feelings for someone else. My heart breaks for her that is the hardest place in the world to be. Way to stay classy Chantal and congratulate Emily, you are amazing and deserve the best and that’s right no one should question the way they feel about you not at all.


Now it’s time for the proposal, which I am sure to cry through, so there may not be so much typing.  Although Chantal deserves love and has been my personal favorite all season I think we can all agree that Emily deserves this happiness and I truly believe that Brad and Emily are the real deal and will be together for a long time. He is literally teary eyed and now I am already crying and he hasn’t even started talking. How is she not crying yet?????  She is so damn calm I would be screaming lol, I guess that’s why she is a southern belle such a lady at all times. Ok I must say I find it a bit strange that she has not shed one tear?


After the final Rose is on next. Chantal is the first to come out and she looks stunning!! Chantal is a class act and has no regrets and thinks everything happens for a reason, I agree. Brad comes out to meet Chantal and it is a bit awkward. Chantal wants to know when he knew it wasn’t her, and of course he cant really answer it, one because he’s contractually obligated and two because he knew from the beginning it was Emily. Chantal has found someone new, woohoo can’t wait to meet him lol. Assuming of course Chantal and I will be greatest of friends ha!


Brad goes on and on about his love for Emily and then it comes out that twice they were going to get married and it hasn’t happened, and they have even broken up but they are still engaged now. Emily comes out and tells the truth that it has been really hard watching and well the press trying to tear them apart doesn’t help. She is no way ready to move to Austin and they have a lot to work on before any wedding plans. I keep watching and cant help but hurt for this poor girl, she was constantly talking about her insecurities and how she would sabotage all things good but I had no idea it what that bad. I agree that this is hard but wouldn’t you walk through fire for the one person you are meant to love forever? I would and I think she will see the Bigger picture and it will work out or so I hope. Wow that was a roller coaster of After the final rose. As viewers you think you know all that happens but there is so much more you don’t see and it is so hard to understand. Then you read tabloids or bloggers who give their input or their “insider” information and you get this image or story. Well unless you hear it from someone who has been on the show or from the actual person you really have no idea. This process is hard and while you get to do amazing things when you come home you doubt everything you thought you knew because now you are seeing something different play out on TV.  You can read the tabloids and bloggers but unless you have lived it than you cant imagine it. I have heard people say that they think Emily is whining and doubting to much, and to that I say she is playing it safe, while I agree that she needs to try and take a chance on love, I also applaud her for trying to adjust to real life, one day at a time. I also LOVED the couples that came back and gave their advice to both Brad and Emily who explained that real life can be hard right after the show but as long as they stick together they can have something amazing.


This has been a great season and I am actually excited to see Ashley as The Bachelorette I think she will be fun to watch and can’t wait to see where they will be going. Bachelor Pad is coming back this summer cant wait to see who the new cast will be.


Till the summer and The Bachelor Pad returns..