Ashley’s week two & Bad News Bentley

Bachelorette Week two:

So I started off the season thinking I was not going to Blog and well this may not be a weekly blog but there are definitely a few things that are a must say fro me on this.  Where to begin well that is the hard part, I usually don’t find the drama as much fun on the bachelorette but they sure have some weird ones on this show. While watching the first episode I had some favorites but you really cant get a feel for the guys until the second episode and now I officially have my favorites and of course my not so favorites. But before I get to the boys I have to talk about sweet little Ashley, she looks amazing, I mean from her hair to well pretty much everything she looks so fresh and renewed. Pretty much every time the camera pans to het she is glowing and I mean who wouldn’t be she has all these guys swooning over her. The one thing that could get tough this season is you can tell Ashley is not an actress and when she isn’t into someone you can see it in her body language and the way she talks to the guys, which could get interesting. Either way this girl looks amazing and I think it will be fun to watch and see if she does find her husband, which I think she just may have!

Ok on to the boys, well I have my favorites already from the first night both myself and Ashley were into JP, I mean who couldn’t be he is adorable and has a bit of a swagger, you can tell he is a grown man who is extremely confident which could come across as a bit cocky but I think its just confidence. William is of course another one of my favorites I mean can we all talk about the fact that he looks just like prince William, with more hair of course. Is he adorable but he is hysterical, the other guys will find this annoying but as a girl well we all want to laugh with our man don’t we? Love him and their date was amazing, I mean that was a dream date and they were both enjoying each other, they had fun, laughed and were able to be serious as well which is so important especially when you have only a short time on a show like this. Ok next favorite is Ryan P we haven’t seen much of him yet but I think he is adorable. I also like Ames mostly because he is so freaking smart and that is sexy. Lastly Ben he has grown on me now that I see him on the show, Ben the wine guy lol he is charming, sweet and you can tell he is into Ashley. He also owns a winery, to me that equals passion, and I feel like I have never met anyone into wine that wasn’t a passionate person.

And of course we have to talk about the MASK, I mean will he ever take it off? This really has me wondering, I mean why would she keep this guy, they have barely spoken and well the mask is just creepy. At first I totally got it, the whole wanting to be kept around based on personality and not looks I actually think that was amazing but we are on to episode three if the mask doesn’t go this week then please Ashley please send him packing now its just weird.

And lastly there is what I think we all agree on, the BIGGEST villain in Bachelor History Bentley. There is just so much to talk about with this guy. First of all I have read a few places that people think the producers or ABC have made him act this way, and well I HAVE to disagree completely. As much drama as he has created even the producers couldn’t dream up a guy this stupid. When the show opened up last week Ashley sits and tells Chris that a former cast member had called her and warned her that Bentley was coming on the show and for all the wrong reasons. I am pretty sure at this point we all know that person was Miss Michelle Money. First off I want to say that Michelle is one of the sweetest, kindest woman I have ever met and know that she told Ashley this with the best of intentions. I love that Michelle stood up for her friend and I also love that Ashley decided to give Bentley the benefit of the doubt. We all in life have made mistakes and if everyone listened to what someone else said about them we may never date again. Now Michelle was clearly right about Bentley but guess what, now that Ashley has given him a chance although she may have gotten hurt in the process, this guy is now the biggest tool on TV, I mean who would ever date this guy now? I also want to know why everyone is comparing Bentley to Wes, which is not even a close comparison. Bentley has intentionally set out to hurt Ashley and verbalized the fact that he wanted to make her cry. Wes may have been seen as a villain and done and said some stupid things but he never set out to hurt Jillian on purpose.

After seeing all the things said about Michelle Money last season and then meeting her and seeing just what an amazing woman she is I promised to never judge someone’s character on this show again, but this guy is just horrible. There is no play on words here, this isn’t someone trying to be funny and taken out of context this a guy that thinks he is better and is setting out to be mean. But at the end of the day everyone has now witnessed how nasty this man is being and hopefully he won’t be able to hurt any more woman like this.

I am curious to see how it all pans out with all of the guys. I also have to send my love to Ashley, watching this back has to be at times heart wrenching so I hope that you are surrounding yourself with great friends and family, and remember in the end it is all worth it if you have found the one you love!!

Until next week xoxo