Bachelor Pad Week 2, Oh and my little rant

Well kids here we are at week two and I have a just a few things to start with before we get into the show. Thank you all for every tweet, text, email & Facebook that you send me. I am well aware if not for this crazy show most of you would have no idea who I am, Thank God for roses and Mike Fleiss huh. I am also aware that I am a grammatical nightmare so if you have come to tell my how horrible of a writer I am or how uneducated I sound please step away from the blog now, I guarantee to be a mess. Maybe I am uneducated to you, but the last I checked a college education does not measure your intelligence and it doesn’t take an educated person to realize that your college degree does not make you have an amazing life how you live it does.

Any person that has ever been on a reality show has some sort of following whether it be 50 or 50,000 now if you measure a persons Importance by their number of followers then I’m not really sure I am worried about your opinion anyway. I do not need you to tell me how cool or un-cool me or any other of my bachelor friends or even the ones I don’t get along with are or aren’t. I write each week because, I know its strange but there are people who enjoy my opinion, yes folks that is all it is, my opinion.

Now let’s take a look at life, there are many different personalities and many of these personalities are compatible and some are not, I know strange right? Well there are people in this franchise I get along with, love and support and of course there are the ones I don’t, and wait for it…… I am entitled to my opinion just as you are yours. Some of these people I have met and others I have not. I also didn’t do the show because I desperate nor does anyone else, we are just the kind of people who enjoy taking chances and hopefully not having to many regrets although I totally regret every hair choice made on my entire season! So please before tearing apart me or anyone else on the show try and remember we are regular people with real life careers that went on a show to take a chance, yes we have real life careers, crazyright? So please choose your words wisely and try not to be hurtful.

On to the title Fame whores: well boy am I sick of this damn word. Every single one of us went on a TV show to find love. We all knew it was going to be on TV so that kind of makes us at least a little interested in Fame,  right? There are also many reality shows on TV and each season the cast tries to out do the past season so always expect more drama and back stabbing as the season’s progress. Now there are however a couple different types of people that go on these shows. There are the ones that do the show for fun, and experience. Then there the ones who want to be on TV not so bad right who doesn’t want to be on TV it’s kind of  cool to I mean we tune in each week and get emotionally invested in these people, so fun! The best part is when these people teach us something new, whether it is about ourselves or about things we may have not even given athought before seeing them on this show. Then there are the people who take it way to seriously, their lives revolve around all things television, they hangout to get the new scoop, become friends instantly with whoever the “it” person is at the moment and not always because they really like them, and they invite you places to take pictures get info and then offer it up the highest tabloid bidder! Yes this happens all the time and not just on Bachelor. So yes there are tons of Blogs from former cast and we all have our own opinions and not one of us is wrong. So whomever you are a fan of be a fan of, but don’t discount the opinions of others and try and remember we are all people just trying to share out thoughts to who ever wants to listen.

Ok now that I got that over with lets get to the good stuff, the actual show!

The second challenge is BRUTAL. Target on your back, well gotta hand it to the show they sure know how to make people feel like they are worthless. Lets draw a target on peoples back and then ask questions like who is least attractive, then lets put them all back in the house after to talk it out. WOW this was just sad. Without getting into it Melissa won for the girls,impressive throwing lady, and Stag won for the boys, High Five man.

Erika took this challenge the hardest and to her I am sending huge hugs. You are amazing, beautiful and who cares what those boys think because let’s face it would you really date any of them outside that house, yea I didn’t think so. Love you girl!

Blake and Kirk once again annoy me by talking smack about girls, that I am pretty sure they have both amde out with, do they not have anything better to talk about like I don’t know 250k.

Date one is Michael’s date. He takes Michelle, Erika, and Holly of course, BIG SURPRISE, HUGE. I do like that he takes Erika because he is not proud on how he won this challenge and knows she was really affected. Super nice guy. They go to a haunted hospital, I don’t know who thought of this date but I hope they don’t work on the show anymore. What the hell kind of date is this? Hands down worst date ever, yes even worse than my nightclub body shot date. Erika and Michael try and channel ghosts, and Michelle tries to get Michael to open up about holly which he does and confesses they have unfinished business. Michael gives the rose to whom else, everyone together, Holly. They go on the roof where Michael pours out his heart, tears up, makes me cry, and holly looks stone faced. This broke my heart. I really thought this would bring them together, and then at the same time Michael and I see that she has clearly moved on. I have met Michael a few times and have hung out with his brother and DeAnna and what great guys the stag’s are. These are two great and funny guys with personalities to kill. Michael get ready the flood gates of loving woman will open any time now, they have seen a side of you that is pretty amazing and vulnerable!!

Melissa’s date was second and she took Kasey, Kirk, and Blake on a sort of cruise. Melissa and I are going to have a long hard talk about her choices. Girl you need to be way more confident these boys are killing me. Kasey thinks he should get the rose, and has made a “deal” withe melissa and promises her safety, oh and also that Melissa is expendable. Blake thinks that he should get the rose because Kasey is losing credibility by telling everyone the same thing in the house. Who is the dirtiest dog on the date Blake who sees Melissa’s vulnerability and decides hey if he has to make out with a girl he doesn’t like to be safe then he will do it. Now I said many times I would make out with almost anyone for 250K I mean I did, but Blake isn’t thinking long term and he doesn’t like Melissa so this will blow up in his face.

 So back at the house all kinds of annoying things have happened. Vienna is talking about what else Jake being scary and horrible, and in walks Jake. He wants to talk to V about everything apologize and basically ask for help. Vienna does what every mature woman would and says that she does not feel comfortable talking to him without Kasey. I totally get not wanting to talk to him alone, their relationship was clearly volitile, but there is a house full of people that can be there for you. If you don’t want drama in your life then don’t create it. Gia had gone to graham totalk about breaking up Vienna and Kasey and how important it is to the game. Holly is torn between Blake and Michael, and I am disappointed. Holly I thought you were way smarter than that, really Blake, the same guy who was making out with Melissa? Ugh Blake wants to know why Melissa is so emotional and crazy and wellI I bet we can all tell him, but hey lets keep him guessing.

Jake is sinking fast and he is trying to campaign to stay in the house, he goes to Kasey and Vienna and asks for help. Well that sure takes a set. Kasey and Vienna are a bit mean and start to play president and wife of the Bachelor Pad, really who died and make you two king and queen, this makes me sad. I mean I get sticking up for your girl but this is a Kasey I have never seen and I am not proud. Vienna says the entire house is miserable because of Jake and the truth is that the house is miserable because Kasey and Vienna can’t let it go.  You say all these things about honesty, compassion, and protecting well some of that means being the bigger person and moving on. Time to let it go kids. Keep calm and carry on.

And no I am not team Jake I continue to stay Team Michelle and it will stay that way to the end. Oh and will everyone stop saying Jake shouldn’t have tried to squash it on TV, of course he did. 1 she wouldnt have listened in the real world and um It’s the bachelor we do everything on TV. People who live their lives to be in the press can’t get mad when other people get it and they don’t.

Of course Graham tells Kasey about Gia’s plan and Kasey confronts Gia who is shocked that this has happened. Oh my Gia, girl you can’t trust anyone when to comes to this game and money. I love you so much and I tell you all the time I wish had more faith in people like you do, but for once you needed my attitude in that house, trust no one! I was shocked when I found out you were doing the show knowing how hard it was the first time and I knew this time would be way worse. Don’t get me wrong given the opportunity I probably would have done it as well, but know looking at it, I am so glad I wasn’t asked. Gia decideds not to give the the satisfaction of sending her home at a rose ceremony and she packs and leaves. Originally i thought wow why wouldnt she wait for the rose ceremony, I mean we all had to it comes with the territory, but knowing some of those people and seeing what this show is doing to them I now get it.

The entire house is talking about sending home either Jackie or Ella. Ames has been campaigning for Jackie to stay of course. Melissa isreally upset about Blake and well she has a right too.  Blake is squirming and now he is  calling her crazy? Well you should have thought about that before you made out with her to stay safe, think longevity man. Ella is also trying to get everyone to keep her safe. Kasey wants everyone to be faithful to him but yet he doesn’t have to faithful to the promises he makes? Hello pot meet kettle, that’s not really how the game works.

My favorite part of the night is when Chris comes in and asks what the tone of the house is. Basically Chris calls Kasey and Vienna out and in more ways than one says grow up and let it go. Chris then tells the group everything is about to change and well this week two girls are going home and no men!! Well damn I guess someone wants Jake to stay at least one more week. I would have been pissed, wow wow wow really you need the drama that much you change the voting to keep Jake because you knew he was going home……Hmmm that smells fishy to me just saying.

Ella is kept safe and in the best twist if the night when Jackie is sent home Ames walks her to the car, closes the door starts to head back to the group and in one small circle heads right back to car, you could even hear their heartbeats in their microphones when they were saying goodbye,how freaking cute is that. They talk about how they won buy meeting each other they kiss and away they go. I am balling and this is the best limo drive out of the pad I have ever seen.

Sorry this was so long but you know me I have to say what I feel. See you all next week!!