Vampires, Dacning Dentist’s and Southern Bells

Bachelor Week 1 with Brad

Ok folks here we go. I am so glad Brad decided to do the show again. I have so much respect for this man, mostly woman watch this show, and as a woman I would NEVER want a man to chose me because he had to I would want him to chose me because I was the only one in his world. Maybe that is all a dream but we are talking the bachelor here people it is the dream. We watch every week, every season because we all want to see a Happy Ever After and while sometimes we do, most times these relationships don’t last. Falling in love is the easy part; it’s the relationship part that is really hard work. So with that being said I think if Brad does end up finding love on this show I firmly believe that this relationship will last and I am so excited to watch this season.

Loved seeing Brad’s family talk about him didn’t think the therapist was needed bit hey I guess whatever works right? All right already lets meet these girls, PS brad is HOT I mean Jesus why wasn’t he in the bachelor pad I would have fought hard for him.

Really with the montage’s The dancing dentist, funeral director, the nanny walking in the rain, come on this is all a bit much for me I don’t want to get to know this much this soon lol. Out of the video things I Like Chantal the best, Michele seems to be looking for a chance at fame, and Rachel well that’s just wrong. Madison, dear lord that’s what we call reality TV gold, I mean are you kidding me who does this shit. Well we know who wants to be on TV and be remembered and who wants to find love and we are only 15 minutes in.  Emily broke my heart, love her to death she seems so genuine I love that.

Can I just add that I freaking love that house, now that I have actually lived in the bachelor pad lol, I have some horrible but also some great memories in that house! I have new amazing friends in my life because of that house and this show sorry had to share that, hehe.

And cue Deanna and Jenny, I mean really did he not think that would happen I could have called that. I also think the girls should thank him, he did them a favor and while it hurt like hell at least he was honest, they also both have rocks on so clearly they have done better than brad, jeesh so over America giving this guy shit for being honest, hmmph. Are we really an hour in and still no Limo’s my ADD is kicking in here people I need some action no more talking about how America hates him let do this.

Ok over it get me to the girls already I’m ready lets see the limo’s, my goodness that was the longest intro ever. YAY, ok I knew I liked Chantal O that was kind of hysterical, and I love that he liked her for it!!! SO far the girls are pretty and enough with the America hates you shit.  Megan you need to never wear those shoes again that’s all I will say about that.  Side note, Chantal we so need to be friends you are the best; brutally honest that’s my kind of friend.  Oh the dancing dentist, so bubbly, so… ok I will be nice its night one.  Oh the vampire teeth have got to go, please tell me they leave.  I have to remember I was just as annoying as all these girls and America hated me for a while lol. Will you please pinky swear you will read my blog, thanks.

“Hi my name is krisily and I’m ready to get married” what is that not they way to get a guy? Maybe I should write a book Like Dave Good, mine will be called what never to say when you meet a guy!  Oh god another one with the shoes those red sparkly shoes please tell me she didn’t come up with that. Keltie wants to be on TV and that’s it, but she has great shoes. Oh Emily she is just sweet as pie I really like her already. Michele needs to take her shoes off because she clearly can’t walk in them.  By the way Brad’s wife isn’t there, she is here blogging with her puppies at midnight, lol I am kidding of course.

Is it weird that while the girls are talking I am noticing all the pretty paint colors the rooms look amazing!! First Impression rose hmm who will get it? I would give it to Chantal O, just saying.  I like the red head she is stunning and seems so far to have a good head on her shoulders. Poor brad he is going to have the same conversation with 30 women, I am so glad that he is so honest and just real about it. He knows he is in for it and he is ready to sit and talk about it all.   Hey brad, by the way while your there I left my ray bans by the pool could you grab them for me yea thanks buddy. Ashley S is adorable and smart; she didn’t mention the past she said lets start fresh and that’s what this is all about.   Wait hold on, Is this really happening right now, is she going to wax him this is just wrong in so many ways.

The more I watch the more I love this man he is just hysterical and putting himself out there.  Next up, Singing at the fire, oh my lord.  I love that this girl is saying things are getting ugly, wait till week 4 or 5 that’s when it gets real ugly. Girls are already fighting over him, which is hysterical, but ladies desperation is not attractive.  Also key, ladies don’t call him The Bachelor his name is Brad.  Oh Renee it will all be ok, you may go home tonight anyway and then you will only see yourself looking well you will see. Emily may be this season’s Tenley, sweet and innocent and I think America will fall in love with her even if brad doesn’t. Oh the fangs again my lord and Michele hmm not sure what to say about you yet, I think while so beautiful you also could be a little CraZy, just my first impression.   And the first impression rose goes to Ashley S yea she played the game right I will say that was a good call and she was adorable about it, but almost a jinx, I mean has anyone that has gotten the first impression rose ever been the last one standing?  So far I haven’t seen a huge spark yet, I am still waiting for that.

Oh the rose ceremony room lol that’s where we slept every night in bunks lol.  Well here it goes one rose ceremony down and many to go. No one except really the vampire chick was super strange so I am not sure who he will send home. The first one is always tough, you don’t really know much about anyone or if there was much more than a flirtation. I would be so scared I would send the wrong guy home.

So far so good I am annoyed by a few but it’s still early in the game.   I like Emily and Chantal O the best, but it’s still to early to tell, so yes each week I may change my favs. It happens lol.  PS Chantal O I was always the last or second to last to get called so keep your head up it got me pretty far! Oh and blondes can go home brad likes brunettes. Well I can’t wait for next week I think this is going to be a great season.

Hope you will all watch with me again next week. Can’t wait!