Emily and her Romeos

I know I know I have been really bad at blogging lately with the bachelorette so here goes it. I know we are a few episodes in so I will have to start by saying I absolutely adore Emily as bachelorette. On Brad’s season we didn’t really get to know who Emily was, she was very guarded and for good reason the show can create monsters and Emily was playing it safe, she had a lot riding on this being a mom and all. This season we have really gotten to know who Emily is,what she stands for, and just how important being a mom is.

When I first heard that Ricki was going to be a part of the show I was a bit nervous but they have done such a great job at showing Em as a mom and what a great daughter she has raised. I like that we saw the real life of Emily and Ricki in the first few episodes and it made it all so much more real than we have seen in the past. I also love that Emily is taking a no nonsense shot at finding love, she is not hiding who or what she is and wants and it is absolutely refreshing.

 Can we jus talk about her clothing for a minute; I mean it is to die for. It has been said that her clothing allowance was up towards 350K,which I can totally understand because she looks flawless in every episode. I have to say that both Emily and my girl Michelle Money go down in history to be the best-dressed bachelorettes in our crazy family.

Ok on to this weeks episode. Well there was the Sean date and while I think Sean is a great guy I am not seeing her light up with him the way I do with others in the house. The date went very smooth and they seemed to get along great but did anyone else notice that when she talked to him it was kind of like she was talking to a group of children? I think Sean is an amazing guy I am just not sure I see him with Emily. I think he is a bit vanilla for her, a bit safe and I think Em needs a bit more well a bit more excitement in her man. Totally just my two cents. I am curious to see what happens with these two I like them but I’m not in love with them as a couple but I see him more as a best friend.

Then there was the group date where the guys had to show their best acting skills. Arie of course stood out playing the nurse because he was not only funny but had fun with it. Then there was Ryan oh how I love to hate him, he started the season as the front runner, the southern gentleman that we all wanted to win her heart, but each week I feel he is becoming more egotistical and condescending with not only the guys but also Emily. I was shocked that he kissed her twice in front of all the guys after complaining last week that Emily had kissed Arie and it made him soo mad. Cry me a river Ryan it’s the name of the game. After the hysterical play is over Doug decides to tell Emily that Kalon basically is calling little Ricki baggage and Emily about loses it and for good reason, I mean he knew what he was signing up for. I am pretty sure these guys were cast and knew she was going to be their girl. The “West Virginia hood rat backwoods” comes out and she gives Kalon a piece of her mind even quoting him and throwing his it’s my turn to talk line back in his face. She gives him the opportunity to save himself and he sinks faster than the titanic. After telling him she is beyond upset and coming from someone who is raised by a single mother she is disappointed she then tells himto get the “f” out. I was never so proud of Emily as I was tonight. Doug well I am not so sure how I feel about him he seems rehearsed in his answers and not super genuine. No roses are handed out tonight.

Then we get to my favorite bachelor in the history of the franchise Jef. Oh how I want to know his inside scoop and what he is really like. They have an awkward encounter with a woman named jean and then decide to take off and have a few beers at a pub. This is the most natural I have seen both Emily and Jef since episode one and I pray he is the last one standing.Their relationship has progressed the most natural for me; he was smooth night one, awkward on the first date and is now comfortable sharing his feelings. The whole “ I want someone to share the details with” made my heart melt along with saying that if Ricki was baggage that she was a Chloe bag! He is my all time favorite and when they kissed you could tell their hearts were in it. I am totally Team Jef all the way.

The rose ceremony was full of Emily really questioning the boys. Most people have complained that Emily kept saying no one told her and she was disappointed, saying but Doug told her. Well hello ladies we all know that what she really meant was that there are guys in the house who she truly feels for and she was really upset that they weren’t the ones who spoke up. Of course my boy Jef made sure to bring it up on his date so big points to him.

I am really excited for next week’s episode. My eyes are on Arie, Sean, Jef, and Ryan, his player like actions are sucking her in, I am not a fan of him but it is clear Emily is. Emily really wants to give him the benefit of the doubt and just hope she doesn’t get burned. My favs are arie and jef, those two are the most genuine and she truly lights up when they are around. So I can’t to see their relationships progress.

Make sure you check out our Bachelorette after show at AfterBuzzTV to hear our thoughts right after we watch and see you all next week. Wishing Emily the best and hoping she finds her happily ever after.