Is it Bachelor Pad 2 or The Jake, Vienna, Kasey story?

Bachelor Pad 2

Well that was the longest three hours of my life. My ADHD kicked in around 1 hour and 45 minutes and the rest just killed me. This is defintely so much different than our season. Our first elimination was easy actually the first couple eliminations were easy for the girls and we always voted as a group in the beginning. Then we all had to take sides to break up the “Powercouples” which as we all know didn’t work, once Gia saved Wes instead of Craig,and when Nikki went against the group and saved Kipten which as we all know was a game changer.

My first complaint is that if I wanted to watch a special on Jake, Vienna, and Kasey I would have tuned in but I was under the impression I was watching The Bachelor Pad 2, which had a cast of what 20 people. Once the first game started I was like wait who is that again. Second complaint I they didn’t introduce all the cast, we never got to see certain people get out of the limo.

Before I get into my thoughts I want to say that I am pulling for Michelle to win, and I think she can. One she is a great person and will do GREAT things with the money, two she knows how to read people, three she is likeable, and 4 she is an actress, all great and all helpful in winning so I am TEAM MICHELLE MONEY.

The sad part is, is that so much of the episode was based on Jake, Vienna, and Kasey that I almost don’t have much to say. I mean I never really liked Jake until I met him and he is actually a pretty nice guy. Kasey and I were best friends for a while and confided in each other for many, many things and all that changed when he started dating Vienna.  Vienna and I never really got along,mostly because I just don’t believe that some of the things she does are very respectful, but also because if you are going to live your life a certain way than own it, don’t play the victm, own it and move on. I know that my opinion will not make anyone happy but the truth is, is I don’t care. It’s my opinion, for instance if you meet someone within a circle of friends multiple (5-6) times and each time you pretend you don’t know them, in my book, your not a great person because no one is that important and you are not too good to remember a friends name. But that’s my opinion and you don’t have to agree with it at all.

Everyone thinks Jake was stupid for going on the show, but he went on the show for a very specific reason, and no I don’t buy for one bit that it was because he still loves her, I think he went back on the show because America has always seen Vienna as the victim and I think he wanted to show America what Vienna is like. They had a very public breakup and Vienna sold the story for a considerable amount of money. Now if that was the only time she ever did press for something like a fight then I think America and cast mates would giver her the benefit of the doubt but she is kind of in the press a lot, so people are going to start to wonder.

As far as Kasey and Vienna go well as we have seen in the episode their relationship can be a bit rocky, as much as they get along and love each other, they fight and fight nasty so this will be a constant problem and we will continue to see the ups and downs, their will be a lot of fights and tears and this could be what ultimately gets them sent home if they are not in the final four. You can’t always play the victim and you have to be accountable for your actions at some point.

No I don’t read spoilers and no I don’t want to know what any of them say but thanks anyway.

Ok enough about them lets get to the rest of the cast. Who will couple up who won’t I think we will all be surprised by that one. I was really excited to see both Stag and William because I think together they will have some of the best one liners in the show, they are both hysterical and I hope to see more of them.

I was surprised to see people playing both sides so early on and wondered if they had watched the first season, I know it will be a bit different but that is definitely something that will get you sent home early on.

Erica I just adore she has so much fun with everything and I love her attitude, she is smarter than most of the people I know but man she outs on such a great show, she knows exactly what they want and she gives up great TV. But don’t doubt that girl’s intelligence or you will get burned quickly.

Ella, wow what a story and I love how positive she remains about it all and the fact that she wants to give her son what she didn’t have resonated so deeply with so many people. I am glad we got to see a different side of her, but I also wonder if she will be too sweet to last?

Blake just made me mad every time he opened his mouth and the only smart thing he said all episode was to break up the power couple, ding ding dig he does have a brain! Thank god because the macho man isn’t workingf or him at all.

Every time Holly came on I just thought of Nat on my season,she talks a lot about the boys in the house and was happy to be out of the game to go drink, totally something Nat would say. Will she too partner hop??

Graham is adorable and totally this years Kiptyn and I see on the promo that he has a crush on Michelle Money and well we all know how much I love her so GO FOR IT. I mean what guy wouldn’t have a crush on her.

Gia, my little gia. I was shocked she went back in and did it again. I was also shocked that she wasn’t the first person sent home. If I  was in a house competing for cash and someone from a past season walked in they would be the first sent home. Why should they get a second chance? Everyone keeps commenting on the boyfriend situation and I am here to tell you that this relationship is much different for gia and they are happy and very much in love so she had nothing to worry about this time!

Jackie and Ames are just adorable and I hope to see them still together after all this is said and done. Love that RI girl, but I think she is to sweet to make it to far. You have to be kind of nasty to get far in this game especially with this cast and Jackie is to sweet for that.

Kirk, ugh he pissed me off too mostly because he made the nasty comment about getting drunk and ending up with Erica. First of all she’s brilliant and you couldn’t be so lucky second of all you can’t always use alcohol as your excuse. I think you probably do a good job making stupid choices sober too.

I will say this in episode one Jake totally came to play and I and I think most people were shocked that at the end of the day he had the upper hand and looked like the better person. I was impressed that he saved V actually way to gain trust with people in the house. I was also surprised Gia was upset by that as much as they are friends it’s a game and she did the same for Wes on our season. I am hoping that next week we see more of the rest of the house because the Jake, Vienna, Kasey story is draining and there has to be more going on than that.

Worst quotes of the night:

“Rated R Reality star is here”

“This is for America, This is for my girlfriend”

“I’m gonna take a Jake and wipe my Pavelka” what does that even mean?

Best part of the night: when it was finally over, don’t get me wrong it was fun but three hours WAY TOO LONG!! I think we will see a lot more “acting” this season as well, wether it be for airtime or for the benefit of staying another week, but i think some of the couples we will see , outside of that house will never be together again!

See you all next week lots of love and follow me on Twitter @Krisily