Life in la la land

I moved to Los Angeles about 3 years ago with the hope to continue working in the TV world. Well so did the rest of the world. After a short time I decided that I wanted more and was not really sure what that exactly meant so I worked as a Bartender as most people here do. After a year of working as a bartender in some great resteaurants and clubs, I found a new home with some great opportunities at a little place called The Highlands. It is a night club a huge nightclub right in the heart of Hollywood. I loved it. Not only was this a nightclub but it was like a family, and not only did we open as a nightclub but we also held some amazing events. In the time that I worked there I worked some amazing events, The BET awards after party, The American Idol Finale Party, The Espy’s, Comedy shows, and countless Movie Premieres just to name a few. In a short time I realized that I loved working the events and wanted to learn more about how they worked. So I asked to help out more, and soon I found myself planning some of these amazing events with the help of my director. It was an amazing experience and I loved every second of it. 

About a year into my career as an event planner the economy tanked, as all of us know and a friend called and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. He was in the process of making a movie and needed an assistant to help out and lend an extra hand, and in 5 day I was on a plane ready to take a giant leap of faith in a new career as an assistant to a producer. It has been amazing. I was able to be on an actual movie set every day and see first hand and be a part of making an amazing movie. Let me tell you, It is more work and take more time than i could have ever imagined and I have gained all the respect in the world for the people that are in this business, from the actors to the craft service team everyone works their hearts out. I am a pretty lucky girl who has a pretty cool job and lives in an amazing town called la la land.

Since the bachelor has aired I have recieved tons of emails and letters asking what I am up to now and what the inside scoop really is on the show. So I will tell you this. It was the opportunity of a life time and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. I still watch every season and still cry at the final episode of every show. Sometimes I even go and read the blogs which I vowed never to do after so many people ripped my life apart. So I am here to tell you that, no the show is not scripted, and no we have absolutely no idea what is going to happen and when it will happen. I sometimes look at pictures of my season and think god was I thin, did I eat, and then I remember that I am a bit of a control freak and for the first time in my life someone else had complete control of every little thing that I did. While I did end up in the final two I am greatfull in the end that I am not the person he chose to be with. Charlie and sarah were and are the real deal. They are two of the most amazing people I have ever had the chance to know and I know in my heart they belong together. I sit and I watch each season and all the memories fly back, the waiting, the not knowing, and the fighting with the girls, ok well girl for me. But it was still an amazing time in my life and truly made me realize who I am and what I wanted. You sign up for something you think will be an experience and before you  know it your heart is totally involved. I mean if anyone can tell me they wouldn’t be able to fall in love on some of those dates they would be lying. When in our ordinary average lives will we be whisked away to New Zealand and taken in a helicopter to the most beautiful place on earth, um probably never. How could you not get caught up in that. For all of the hopeless romantics yes the feelings are real and no Mike Fliess does not come in and tell you what to do or say, no one tells you what to do and sometimes we would all be better off if they did. I continue watching every season and hope that at the end each couple will stay together and happy because after all who wouldn’t want true love. 

I love hearing from people that watched the show and what their thoughts were. Although the negative thoughts, kindly keep those to yourselves. It was an amazing time in my life and I was lucky to have amazing friends and family that were supportive through the entire journey. Thank you for caring, reading, and truly wanting to know where I ended up and where my life has brought me. I have no complaints, while I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, I am a lucky lady. I have two dogs, a great apartment, an amazing job and friends and family that are always there no matter what. So what else could a girl ask for?