Lions, Tigers, and Roses

Welcome to South Africa, where Brad will make “one of the most important decisions in his life” well really it’s just for this week the finale going to be way harder. We start with Brad packing, leaving New York and heading to South Africa. Lions and Tigers and Roses? Wait that’s not how it goes. Brad is telling us about how this has been a roller coaster and I am willing to bet every former cast member that is watching is telling him to get over it! It is way harder to be one of 25 constantly guessing where you stand than it is to be the one in total control; at least that’s what I think. I may count how many times brad says, connection and disconnected tonight, just kidding. I want someone to take me on a date to South Africa; I need to start dating better people.  Wait did you see those elephants, Screw brad I want a baby elephant.

First date is my personal favorite and my pick to win Brad’s heart Chantal. It’s safari time at the Lion Sands (shameless plug hoping they invite me to visit). The animals are way more fun to watch then last week’s hometowns, and they are just sleeping. I also love the guy with the gun that comes on the date with them. Chantal trusts brad will keep her safe and I would feel much safer with the guide with the gun! Safari and lunch with a hippo what can be next? Well a beautiful dinner of course, where Brad tells Chantal he really would like her to meet his family. He also tells her that he is the most comfortable with her than any of the girls. PS he is not supposed to give that info out at all, he is supposed to keep the girls guessing lol, not make them feel safe.  After talking about life, love and marriage, the good old fantasy suite card comes out. Of course Chantal says yes, um maybe she should have thought about the whole tree house thing before she said yes. Not sure I would be man enough to do that. Tree house in an open field in Africa with lions and wild animals, do they have a gun?  These two have the best chemistry hands down. They are in this amazing tree house and we see the lights go out and then they show the hungry lion, that would be my cue to exit the tree house, brad or no brad that is one scary over night maybe I’m just a wimp but without a guard and a gun I could never stay.

Next date is Emily, where as soon as they meet, he leaves her by herself in the middle of nowhere and I would be crying at this point. Wow I’m a pretty big wimp and I’m on my comfy couch and not in South Africa. Brad comes out on an elephant and Emily is just adorable. “It feels like the lion king but better” right now Ally is watching wondering which lion king is truly better hers or Emily’s. Brad tells Emily he missed her daughter, which is sweet, he also told Chantal that he missed her family, will he tell Ashley the same thing? Emily and brad have a talk about her ready-made family, and her concerns of his not being ready. Brad comes back with the fact that he is ready for a life with not only Emily but also Ricky. Brad and Emily make out and so do all the elephants, hmm think the producers told the elephants to do that? Second part of the date with Emily is another beautiful dinner, and brad looks nervous and she looks a bit unhappy as well.  I am listening to Emily speak and while I really like her she just doesn’t sound like she really is there 100 percent. Brad gives Emily the fantasy suite card and Emily explains that she is a mom and wants to set a good example, she wants things to remain going slowly and at the same pace. That is exactly why I think brad does not end up with Emily. This show is a relationship on steroids of sorts. You have to be willing to move a bit faster than you would in real life dating or you will end up getting sent home. Now if you see a future with your bachelor than you need to be willing to take that chance. Note to all future bachelor contestants; take the chance! Emily decides to stay with him with in the fantasy suite after she has told him in not so many words that absolutely nothing will happen other than talking and getting to learn more about each other. In the suite Emily tells brad that she is absolutely falling in love him and brad reciprocates the feelings. They kiss and it goes to dark, notice no lions and no tree house. Much safer place to spend the night.

Date three is Ashley, he misses her too I know big surprise. Are those shorts she is wearing? Brad takes her walking in the field to you guessed it a helicopter, another surprise on the bachelor, a helicopter. Ashley runs away it is hysterical; this was her biggest fear.  Brad makes her feel safe and away they go but not without a few screams first. They land in a place called Gods window and well you can see why, it may be the most amazing place I have ever seen.  Brad and Ashley talk about how great her family is and what she wants with her life. Ashley seems to have no idea what brad is asking her at all, he wants to hear that she will move wherever he is. Ashley is in a very different place than brad, brad is ready to settle down and get married and Ashley is still very young and more career oriented. They go to dinner next and Ashley has no idea how many questions she will get from brad. Ashley is digging herself a grave right now, she keeps talking and trying to make a point, which isn’t really happening at all. Brad needs her to say that their relationship is important and he isn’t hearing that all he is hearing that her career is more important than him. This date is becoming painful to watch they are both frustrated and she can’t even look at him.  He keeps shaking his head and she keeps rolling his eyes. Brad still invites Ashley to the fantasy suite and it seems so awkward there is no chemistry and all frustration and well this isn’t real life people it’s the bachelor there is no fix it tomorrow because tomorrow is a rose ceremony and someone is going home. It is going to be you…

Brad and Chris sit down and chat about all the decisions he will make tonight and he is stressed out. Brad talks about how he feels comfortable with Chantal, like he has known Emily forever and how him and Ashley both shut down when they needed to be moving forward. Brad is worried that he will make a huge mistake today and  is thinking about how important this rose ceremony is. The three ladies are standing waiting for Brad and Chris comes to talk to them first, explaining that although this has been tough for all of them, it is all for love, but one of them will go home today. Brad comes in and before getting into anything he pulls Ashley aside and right here she should know she is going home.  Brad sits Ashley down and apologizes for how horribly their date has gone.  They sit and talk and brad explains that he doesn’t feel like he fits in her life at all. These two have a hard time communicating their feelings towards each other and unfortunately it’s to little to late. Brad sends Ashley home. Ashley is shocked and tells us how hard it is to leave.  Brad is devastated sending Ashley home but is excited to start the rest of his life.  Brad come back to the ladies and first apologizes for leaving them waiting and explains why he took the time to send her home and not make her stand through a rose ceremony knowing that she is going home. Wow brad has done a lot of apologizing in South Africa. He hands out the roses, hugs the girls and talks about how excited he is to introduce them to his family in Cape Town.

Next week is the Woman Tell All; I never had to sit through that thank god! I can’t wait to see Michele come back, I think she is probably someone I would hang out with and she played a good game and is a great actress. In Cape Town it looks like all three of them are second-guessing everything. He better pick Chantel after making her eat a damn worm and him not being man enough to eat one too. Well next week is the woman tell all and not sure how much there will be to talk about so if you don’t hear from me next week make sure and check back in two weeks for the finale which hopefully I will be watching with a big crew all wearing our team Chantal shirts.