Night 3 Singing, Explosions, and Confessions – Krisily Kennedy

First two minutes of the episode and Michele looks CRAZY, oh this episode is going to be GOOD!! OMG does someone really leave the rose ceremony because I believe that would be a first in bachelor history, what’s all this talk of girls not wanting to be there, toughen up or go home, well I guess I should watch the whole episode before yelling at them. Ok here we go kids, I think this is going to be a great one, mostly because everyone of the east coast has called and told me it will be!

We start off at the house where Chris Harrison is explaining to the girls how tough this will continue to get each week, and of course the rules of the dates as usual. Ashley S. get’s the first one on one date and the card reads, “ Lets find our love song” and squeals Oh my god its me. I think Ashley is adorable but please less squealing. Michelle is going to whine and bitch each time brad leaves with anyone other than her and it’s annoying. Wait you know who she reminds me of Sara W from my season, if you watched you will remember she was also a permanent member of the crazy train and made it pretty far too, only to get sent home when Charlie finally saw her true colors.

Brad comes to the house and actually looks pretty excited to take Ashley S on the date and she is of course as peppy as always. Brad picked Ashley because he says the first time he laid eyes on her his nerves went away, DING DING DING, we have a winner here kids, comfort is KEY in any relationship, but here when you there are cameras everywhere and you are under as much pressure as he is well comfort is super important.  They are going to sing Kiss From a Rose by Seal and Ashley is almost in tears, it was her favorite song and her dad shared that with her, he passed away so it brought back some memories. She is just sweet as pie but boy neither of them should ever sing again. Adorable though they had so much fun with it and they were both horrible it’s annoyingly sweet. Insert who else but Seal, and little miss Ashley is in tears as any of us would be. Ok hold up did she just say she was already falling in love, I mean I believe you can fall in love on this show I do but on the first one on one date really? Ashley you can tell us that but PLEASE don’t tell brad that for at least a few more episodes ok, ok thanks. Seal, by the way amazing as always. Brad and Ashley look cute together they look natural which I have to say I haven’t seen yet with any of the other girls. Now they go up to the rooftop, which is stunning, and the view was spectacular, a date at the top of Capital Towers wow good job abs good job. Ashley takes the time to get serious with brad and talks about her dad passing away from a brain aneurism, and you can see Brad panic not in a bad way but he still gets very nervous when things get serious, but he is sweet and listens and that’s exactly what she needed him to do good job brad.

Back at the mansion, and the date card arrives and already Michelle is complaining, Shawntel reads off all names, the date card reads “Love Hurts” and cut to Michelle complaining and crying, what, why the hell is she crying. Ok this girl either really wants to be an actress or she needs meds and quickly, kidding of course.

Meanwhile on the date Brad explains all the reasons why he is going to offer Ashley the rose and one of them is she is what he wants in wife! Good going girl, as peppy as she can be I really like this girl and clearly so does Brad.

They keep saying Michelle marks her territory, please cut to her lifting her leg that would make for a great episode.  Michele is so sick and tired of spending her dates with other woman, well Michelle America is pretty sick and tired of your complaining so we are even.

Here comes the group date and the girls are going to all film their own action scene with brad, and they start training immediately oh and brad immediately calls Michele out on having an attitude. Chantal O is of course BAD ASS and yes she is till my favorite.

Back at the house another date card arrives and guess who gets the date card Miss Emily.  By the way has anyone else noticed how much Emily looks like Holly from the girls next door, see there I go again I get distracted. Ok well Emily gets super nervous to go on her date with brad seeing as he knows nothing about her daughter or her daughter’s father.

In TV land the girls are still filming their dates having fun and kicking ass. This is totally my kind of date. Shawntel N holy macaroni that girl may just be in the next tomb raider. All the girls are getting and because she is kissing brad and I say hell yea go for it girl. “When I kiss Brad, like I’m going to give him sensual, sexy, slippery, kiss, fireworks are going to be going off in the background:” You cant make this stuff up people, Michele has just jumped off the crazy train and joined the Looney bin wow that was almost creepy oh and while you were talking trash, Shawntel was kissing your man and there were so firework behind them, ok it was explosives but its all the same right. Michelle should hide behind her hair more often.

Now brad takes the ladies to a roof top pool and they all jump right in.  My girl Chantal O gets the first one on one and gets a little teary eyed about how she feels special and how someone else feels the same thing.  She then goes on to tell him about her dad who she never had the chance to meet.  And then I cried, I mean really what a genuine girl, I love that she is the tough girl that is soft on the inside.  Hands down my favorite in the house and Brad loves that she just showed him her softer side.  She is just so real and he loves that and says there is chemistry and well when we kiss we get to see that chemistry and I know she is my favorite but boy do they.

Back at the house Emily shares her story with the other girls and gets really emotional for obvious reasons. This little girl is one strong woman and any man would be lucky to have her as a wife, and I’m in tears again, jeesh what an emotional rollercoaster this is and I’m just watching it. The girls are supportive and tell her to tell him when she feels the time is right.

At the pool, Alli and brad are having a little alone time and all the sudden Michelle comes up at the glass doors like something out of The Shining with a  glare that could kill us all. Is stalking illegal in bachelor land? Michelle walks in and says “when you are done” and starts tapping her fingers, wow does brad really not see her as CRAZY yet? By the way the sympathy card only works for so long lady, then he pulls her in for a kiss what the heck is happening. Ok yes she is Hot we all see that, but crazy always trumps Hot. Wait he is NOT giving crazy girl the rose, phew Shawntel is standing there, see it pays to not whine and just kick ass ladies. Woohoo I love that the tough girls are coming out on top.

Michelle then tells us that in the end it will be her and Brad in Tahiti practicing making babies, well I have news for you, if you are the last one standing get ready to be dumped because when he sees this if he doesn’t run America will hate him more for staying then they do for him picking no one in the end.

Ok last date of the night is Miss Emily, and Brad is excited to spend time with this little blonde bombshell. I love that Meghan describes her as “a little itty bitty Barbie with the soul of mother Theresa, and you want to hate her but cant because you cant hate mother Theresa”. That is the best thing I have ever herd and I feel the same way about her.  They take a ride to an airport and on a jet they go, poor Emily is scared to death but she stays strong and gets on because brad looks so excited to go. What a southern belle she is. Brad is going on the date to see if Emily is able to open up to him the exact thing that Emily is scared to death about.

Back at the house Madison gets emotional about looking for love, and make the comment that she wants to find love and some of these girls need to. Madison is a beautiful girl than god she took the fangs out, but how true is that statement some girls want love and some need it. It takes a strong and smart woman to see that. See the girl we all made fun of the first night is pretty darn smart and so beautiful.

In wine country Brad asks Emily to tell him about herself and you can see the panic on her face. She also immediately skirts around the issue and says she is just like everyone else. Now I respect that she doesn’t want to be that girl, but she is so damn strong and such an amazing woman for everything she has been through, that she needs to open up and tell him how amazing she is! Brad is wondering why she cant open up and this could be bad news for this girl and he really likes her you can see it in his face. OPEN UP GIRL, please tell him everything and you will feel so much better and so will he. Over at the barn, yes the barn, there is a beautiful table set up and dinner is served oh and wine, that may help her a bit, drink up girl. Emily opens up and we are all crying with this girl, and if we you are not crying then you have no heart, no heart at all. I love that brad makes her feel better about it all and tells her it makes her who she is and makes him like her even more. Brad immediately wants to know about her daughter and sees that she is now finally comfortable with him and you can see them both light up. Now this is a love story, the kind I am definitely tuning in each week to see. I originally thought that she seemed like she was not genuine when she was with him and now I see that it was just her nerves and she is pretty amazing with brad.

I will also say that when brad kisses these girls you can so tell when he really likes them, see Emily, Ashley S, or Chantal O, and when its purely physical see Michelle, just a little notation I made and wanted to share.

Ok its cocktail party and Rose Ceremony night; by the way these are the longest nights in the world. Alli says she gets a little nervous when brad comes around, and well we all do Alli, just ask my friend Anitra about the blood drive, she had to wipe the drool from my chin and I actually stuttered when he asked me a question. Brad has a cute one on one with Alli, a heartfelt and almost sexy one with Chantal until Michelle comes and steals him away says something crazy and brad says she can steal him away any night of the week, really brad oh your losing points man. Ok buddy,  I will once again give you the benefit of the doubt that you don’t see all the crazy that we do but I know somewhere you are watching this with us thinking holy cow that girl is nuts! Or at least I hope you are. Wait a minute, why do all the girls want to go home? This is the name of the game no going home unless you’re not into brad thast the only reason to go home. Ok time to hand out the roses. Its funny sometimes I see these girls at the rose ceremonies and wonder where they were the whole episode? And then Madison walks out, and brad follows.  Madison can’t take a rose away from a girl that is more deserving, and wants to go home.  First girl in Bachelor history to leave, and also first girl to be really honest with the way she felt, kudos. This process is not an easy process and your feelings will get her hurt at times but it was also one of the best things I did in my life and while I didn’t end up with the guy in the end, I learned so much about what I truly wanted and deserved taht it made it all worth it and I am sad Madison doesn’t get to see that process.

Next week looks great mostly because they started the promo with my favorite girl in the house Chantal O, then Love line with Dr drew and it looks like Ashley H is starting to crack under pressure we all love when that happens. Just like my season Chantal and Michele start in on each other just like Sara W and I  did on mine, will be interested to see how that all turns out. Next week looks like its full or drama and kissing I’m ready for it already! Oh and always remember your first kiss should be sensual, sexy and slippery and don’t forget to cue the fireworks! See you all next week.

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