Night two, Carnivals, Diamonds, and oh its my birthday!

Well before I start the show, I just have to say a few things I had the opportunity to volunteer with The Bachelor Gives Back this weekend, and this time we helped get blood, yup that’s right and that vampire girl wasn’t even there! The Bachelor Gives Back teamed up with The American Red Cross for a blood drive this weekend in sunny California, it was a great event and much to my surprise The Bachelor himself Brad was in attendance.  It was a fun day and so many people came out to give blood and we were all happy to be a part of it. Did you know that if you give blood you could single handedly save more than one life? It’s so important to donate, if you missed out on this blood drive check online for one in your area and give blood today!  On a side note I love that we can all get together and bring awareness to different charities, most of us took a chance at finding love on a reality show, some of us took some heat for it, but the best part of being a part of this bachelor family is getting the opportunity to give back. Its always fun when someone comes up and knows my name because of this show but its truly amazing when they know about all the different things I do and try and raise awareness on. Well, seeing all my old friends was fun but meeting Brad was truly an honor, what a true southern gentlemen he is. I have to say that that man may just be one of the most honest, gentle, and sincere men I have ever met. I am now even more excited to watch the show and hopefully get to see him fall in love with an amazing woman! Ok now that I have bored you lets start this week’s rants, ready set go…

I couldn’t help but laugh when one of the first shots was of him walking on the rocks which clearly is hurting his feet poor guy tip toes out there on the rocks, ha sorry sometimes I get side tracked. Now we are back at the house where Chris is giving the girls the scoop on how the dates work. Wait does Chris really have to explain how this works I mean have any of these girls really not seen the show? If they haven’t send them home immediately. Ok Date Card #1 and it already starts, Melissa needs to not whine, we all bought fancy clothes, and most of us had to take time out of work so really don’t complain, last time I checked there were 19 other girls in the house with you so shhh. Ok Ashley H gets the first date and well she needs to tone it down just a bit I like her I really do but just a little to peppy for me, lets hope the date isn’t so peppy. “Oh my god i’m so excited” Ashley when a guy takes a turn down a dark dirt road RUN, ok well maybe not on the bachelor but in real life RUN. I can’t believe they are making this poor girl walk down a dirt road in heels I would have been PISSED!! But a carnival now that sounds fun, except for those of us that get motion sickness, the not so fun wait this isn’t about me I’m sitting here and she’s on the date so we are all good. Brad is talking about how happy and smiley she is; wow he must have always dated the cheerleaders because she would drive me crazy!

Meanwhile back at the ranch the next date card comes and the girls realize there are 15 of them going. Ok have they really not watched this before come on? Michelle by the way may be hot but oooh does she have crazy eye, and well crazy mouth too, she isn’t jealous at all if you couldn’t tell already.

Date one and Ashley is already falling so quickly, wow this is going to be a long season. “I can really see myself with him” We all can Ashley, we all can. Ok I say this with love I really do but its hard to talk about an absent father with a smirk on your face, I respect her for talking about it because I wait till at   least the 4th date for this conversation but I really wanted her to be a little more I don’t know just no so smiley. I mean Brad is a good guy and he gets it and doesn’t get how to handle that stuff so yes you need to make the best of it just do it cautiously so you don’t look so insincere.

Oh Melissa I think that’s her name girl you need to not feel sorry for yourself or make excuses just show that man who you are and why he needs to be with you, and stop worrying about everyone else. No whining ladies or is that going to be the theme of the night right we are watching the bachelor ok cue the whiners. Yay it’s The American Red Cross PSA, GIVE BLOOD people did you hear me GO GIVE BLOOD. My friend Dan is alive today because of the Red Cross and donated blood so donate. Sorry side tracked again it happens, I have had way too much soda today! Hold on, did she just say that she is growing ulcers at a large rate? Well I can honestly say I have never heard that before ha and will Michelle please stop whining its really annoying. Yea it’s your birthday and you chose to be here so shhh.  I think Melissa and Michele may be neck and neck on the award fro whining and crazy train. The PSA’s are hysterical seeing all the girls all dressed up is fantastic, It’s even funnier to see all the girls getting jealous they are all in these pretty silly costumes and they are all talking smack about one another, they do know what they signed up for right. Wait did you know that its Michele’s Birthday. I need to know all this whining about their being 15 girls have they never watched the show, did we whine this much? I am not sure who I am more annoyed with right now Michelle or Melissa.  Chantal is still my favorite her little interviews are always the best she is classy, funny and brutally honest ha she’s just like me I knew I liked her.

Far away from the whining crazies, Jackie gets the date card and she needs to catch her breathe because she is so excited, aww isn’t that sweet, What is going to happen on the date of she cant stand the excitement of the date card.

Back on the date, Brad is the best he handles all these girls pretty well. Now it’s time to give out the date rose wait hold on, Brad I just lost faith in you Michelle really< well to his benefit I guess he hasn’t heard her bitch so ok she’s hot I get it.

Date three, pretty woman theme that’s my dream date how did she get it? This is adorable, facemask and oil massages in a spa sounds fun to me, but I need a bit more romance. Wait this gets even better dresses and shoes and OH MY GOD and hair and make up damn it now I am jealous. Jackie keeps saying Oh my god its kind of adorable. Next stop The Hollywood Bowl dinner and some dancing and diamonds holy sparkling diamonds.  The conversation is good but I want to see that gaze and I just don’t see it at all its more like two old friends. Train performs live and they dance and they are actually pretty cute together. But I don’t see any spark at all so maybe she stays tonight but I don’t see her around in the long run, there is no chemistry.

The rose ceremony nights are always heated but really the fighting already, are you there for brad or to make friends. I am not sure why but Michele and Melissa is both riding the Crazy train right on out of bachelor land.  Melissa just stop talking now you went from being attacked to do I smell like onions, girl pack your bags because you are looking CRA-ZY. Raichel’s turn to cry now, dear lord ladies note to self guys hate drama, so stay out of the drama and don’t talk about it especially to him. Hey brad when you have two girls crying then send them both home! I’m also a little confused on why they brought in Ali and Roberto don’t get me wrong I like them both but do they know brad and what he is looking for and wants? I mean I could totally see them bringing in Deanna and Jenny, or a friend of brads but i’m a bit confused on the Ali and Roberto part oh well, this is why I am writing and not a producer I guess. Once again my favorite girl bringing it home and giving all the right answers! Gotta love that Chantal O. Well three girls are going home tonight and thank god its not Chantal lol I am kidding of course. Where so these girls get there dresses? Some of them were horrible. Keltie if you keep making faces like that yes your going to be alone, but no really, you are to pretty to be that sad so go dance your little heart out. Melissa of course is going to feel bad for herself and blame it on everyone else, toughen up my friend. Raichel I actually really liked she was pretty and unfortunately got into the drama and I think that what sent her home.

Next week looks fun, Michele looks crazier than ever and brad singing is adorable. I can’t wait for next week, this week kind of boring just saying.