Not stringing anyone along this week, to breaking all the rules!

Brad and the remaining six women are on their way to visit the Caribbean island of Anguilla, but only four of them will make it to hometowns. Who will stay and who will go, guess we will have to watch and see now won’t we.  I’m already excited for the hometowns.

Welcome to Anguilla ladies, first stop is their villa, where they have their own pool and look like they are about 100 ft from the ocean. Chris of course is the first one to stop by, and lets the girls know that there are going to be 4 dates instead of the usual three dates, three one on ones with no roses, and one “pretty incredible” group date which will have a rose. Chris explains that the next stop is bringing brad home to meet their families and that this is a big deal and an important week, just before he says goodbye he leaves what else, a date card! Shawntel reads the date card and it says “ Three things I would bring on a deserted island, picnic lunch, champagne, and Emily” Way to get all the girls in the house to hate on Emily.

Brad comes to the Villa to pick up Emily and says hi to all the girls lounging around in the pool. Brad sits down with Emily to chat about what they should do on their date and in comes the Helicopter, and Emily says, “ You do to much for our dates”. Ok she is kidding right, I mean she has to have watched this show before, he doesn’t pick the dates he just shows up, but bless her heart if she thinks he is the one that does all the planning. Emily may also believe in the tooth fairy, ok sorry I know that was mean I do love her to pieces but come on. Oh, now I’m getting a little nostalgic, I had a private island with Charlie on my one on one in Aruba and it was pretty great. Ok back to Brad and Emily they are sitting on this white sandy beach on this private island and there is an awkward silence, they have nothing to talk about, how does that happen? Brad says its because he’s nervous, and he takes things slowly with her but I think its because she is fragile and he is afraid to hurt her. Emily isn’t sure if she wants to introduce brad to her daughter yet, hmm that may be a bit of a red flag.

At the villa the girls receive that second date card and it reads “Shawntel N, Let’s find love on the streets of Anguilla” Of course all the girls are looking a bit sad its not them and Shawntel looks shocked. The good thing about these one on ones is that there isn’t a rose on the dates so you don’t have to worry about getting sent home.

The second part of Emily and Brad’s date is a candle light dinner on the beach. They spend the entire dinner pretty much talking about Emily’s daughter Ricky. Emily has never introduced Ricky to any of the men that she has dated in the past; that is a really big deal. You can see that Emily is having a hard time with this, as is Brad. Emily brings up the fact that she knows it would be hard for brad to ever propose to someone, that wouldn’t allow him to meet their daughter. Ok this may be what kills this relationship right here. You HAVE to open up to this man, or he will never get the chance to truly know you and he will move on to the next girl and you will be sent home. This is a huge problem this is very real and there is potential for this man to propose to this woman and she needs to stop thinking its not real and figure it out. I love that Brad breaks the rules and tells Emily that she is without a doubt getting a rose and he is going to her hometown and he wants to see where this thing goes. GO RULE BREAKER!!! I like that Brad broke the rules to make Emily feel safe and secure, good job Brad!

Shawntel’s date is up next, and Brad wants to take her on a little bike ride. First stop on the bike ride is a little farmers market, and I want to go ASAP. They dance, play dominoes, drink out of fresh fruit and have a nice chat with Auntie B about love.  I am going to agree with Shawntel their word, as a couple, is definitely natural. They seem like they are old friends and they get along so well, but I don’t see chemistry at all. The second part of their date they sit at a nice dinner on the beach and they talk about life. Shawntel tells brad that she is falling in love with him and so wants him to come to Chico and meet her family. Brad opens up about his family and the respect he has for his mom and how there never has been a relationship with his dad. The fact that Brad is opening up about this is a big deal for brad because he doesn’t open up to anyone like this. It starts pouring and of course they kiss, which by the way was a bad kiss, and by the way still no chemistry. Just when Shawntel says this cant get any better, over comes the most famous singer in Anguilla Bankee Banks.

The third date card arrives and Ashley gets it, the card reads, “ Brit, let’s set sail on the sea of love”.  Michele has some smart ass remark as usual, and um can’t blame that on editing my dear the words came out of your mouth you said them so don’t blame other people, more on that later.

Back on the date with Shawntel we went from a fun little concert to bikinis in the water, pretty quickly. Still see no chemistry though not sure she will make it past hometowns.

Next it’s Brits turn and they are going on a yacht, all the girls walk down to the beach and they are watching Brit and Brad swim out to their yacht. All the girls want to be on that yacht and Michelle says “its kind of a waste of a yacht and a one on one”.

They take the yacht to this beautiful area where they will do some cliff jumping. Brad jumps first and loves it, Brit goes next but it takes her a bit, she is scared and it is showing so brad tries to talk her into jumping. Ok ladies, if you have watched from the beginning you would be standing up waving your arms screaming “that’s is Brit your going home this week”. Why you ask? Well let me tell you, on every other date that a girl was scared Brad held their hand and walked them through it. If brad was truly into Brit he would have climbed back up that cliff and jumped with her, just saying.

The final date card arrives for the ladies group date and it reads “Ashley, Chantal, Michelle, this is the dawn of a new love, Brad”.

I’m sorry but this date is boring me and we are still on the first half of the date. They are sitting and talking about love on the beach and nothing; there is no chemistry at all. They are like two friends hanging on the beach. Brad acknowledges that there is no chemistry and hopes he can find it tonight. Just a hint brad you can’t find chemistry it’s just there. Brad and Brit are at dinner now and there is a bunch of small talk but not much else, there is no romance and Brad is being a man and admitting that you can’t force it. Brit has to see that, I mean he hasn’t even leaned in for a kiss at all; it’s the Bachelor all we do is kiss on this show.  Brad has decided to tell Brit over dinner that he doesn’t see a future with her.  Poor Brit thinks she needs more time, but unfortunately brad has decided to send her home and not make her wait for the next rose ceremony. I respect Brad for sending her home and not choosing to string anyone along in this process.

Right before the commercial break they show each of the girls crying and I am in a fit of laughter. This is going to be amazing.  So the group date starts at 5am it’s pitch black and Brad wakes them up with a flashlight. The girls are all a nervous wreck and they should be um hello Sports Illustrated!! The girls get their hair and make up done and red swimsuits are on. The girls get dirty and well topless pretty quickly. Michelle decides that she wants brad in her pictures and she gets right on top of him and starts kissing him to make the other girls jealous and while it may have worked if she had noticed Brad was pretty uncomfortable as well. Brad thinks the pool party is going to get bad quick and well he’s right three girls one date, bikinis and photos, yes sir feelings will get hurt and the ladies will tell you all about it. Brad sits with ash first and she of course tells him that she feels disconnected, brad fights back saying that he still cares for her and needs her not to be putting walls up now. Next up is Chantel who feels like there is no body language towards her anymore and brad tries to explain that its because it’s a group date. Brad is tense you can see it and Chantel is trying to make him feel better by saying she loves him, it worked for now. Michelle’s turn and Brad tells her she is stubborn and their relationship could be volatile. Michelle goes into panic and says she will always admit when wrong.  Brad is now afraid of Michelle FINALLY. Brad is STRESSED out and wow you can see it. Poor guy just doesn’t know what to do. Brad takes Ashley aside most likely to give her the rose and she asks him three times not to send her home, just for that she shouldn’t get it. Brad comes back with Ashley after giving her the rose and Michelle gives him a dirty look and Chantel starts crying.  They sit and chat about how she feels like he is picking everyone over her and he tells her its just timing. Ok you all know by now Chantal is my favorite girl in the house, I am so surprised that she is crying on this date but to her defense I think she may have been drinking a bit that day, at least that’s the way it looked when she walked down to the beach. This is a very stressful point in the process, the next step is meeting families and then you get to meet his family feelings are pretty strong at this point and no one likes getting dumped especially on TV. By this point at least a month has passed and you haven’t spoken to family or friends and had any time without cameras so imagine how fragile you would be at this point, it’s a hard place to be in.

Its cocktail party and rose ceremony time, brad wants to talk to Chris before talking to the girls. Brad wants to break the rules again and his decision is made and he doesn’t need a cocktail party.  Brad is ready to send a girl home and he is very clear who it will be.  Chris is the lucky man that gets to tell the ladies that there will be no cocktail party tonight. The girls are all starting to panic and no one wants to go home. Brad comes down to the beach and explains to the ladies that he didn’t need a cocktail party knowing his decision has been made and he doesn’t want to string anyone along. The first rose goes to Emily, Next Shawntel, and last but always my favorite and the girl I think Brad needs to be with Chantel. Of course it was going to be between Chantel and Michelle in the end they were kind of arch enemies the whole show. Michelle just looks angry not hurt or sad, angry. Brad asks to walk Michele out and she gives him the silent treatment pretty much the whole walk.  Brad admits to what I have been saying since week one the attraction between them was only physical. Michelle being the actress that she is gets in the limo lays down and says not a word.  Might be my favorite thing Michelle has ever done why can’t she always be that quiet.

Next week is hometown dates and they are always so fun! I don’t think anyone has topped nana.

Ok so back to the Michelle comment, I recently came across an interview of Michelle talking with four ladies on a news show like the soup but based in UTAH. They talked about the movie Michele has coming out and the Bachelor of course, when one of the hosts commented on how Michelle had been edited in a bad light, Michelle agrees and says it’s a “Fun, Funny show”. Now hold on one second, we have all watched this show season after season and we all know what editing is. Well Michelle there are certain things you cant edit, like when you said that a date was wasted on Brit, or when you told brad who to send home, or the time you shoved your elbow into your hand talking about another house mate. If you are trying to be funny then say it, and if you are just putting on an act then say that, say something please. Now I will most likely meet Michelle some day and I hope that she is the person she portrays in these interviews sweet and kind, but to her I will say this, OWN your shit. Whatever it is own it, whether it was all an act or not just own it, people will respect you for it in the long run. The truth will always come out so just be you. Tell it like it is and please oh please don’t blame it on editing that hasn’t worked for anyone else so it won’t work for you either.

Until next week I hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day !! xoxo Hopefully you can all see past any spelling or grammatical errors this week lol and if not feel free to send the corrections my way!!

Love you all and thanks for reading !!