Shopping, Race Cars, and Elvis

11 Lovely ladies ok, 10 lovelies and 1 crazy one, are all finding out today that off to Vegas they go.  Let’s just thank wardrobe that Chris isn’t wearing his Mr. Rogers sweater this week. Chris tells the girls that there will be three dates this week, a group date, a one on one, which sounds wrong and a two on one date, which sounds even worse. By the way Michele not so pretty without make-up and I can say that because I look rough without it too.  I also have to say that I love the flip cam video’s that they have added on this season makes you feel like you are right there with them its so much more fun!

Thank you for putting brad in that grey shirt which allowed me to see those amazing arms, thank you! The ladies arrive at Aria in Vegas and Brad is there to greet them all and he shows the girls their new suite and of course its Beautiful, I mean come on it’s the Bachelor what did you expect it to be.  Brad leaves the ladies with the date card and before he leaves he says he is very excited to see this particular woman, hmmmm who could it be! Michele who clearly needs more air time because she isn’t getting enough already is the first to grab the date card and read it aloud to the ladies. The date card reads, “ Shawntel N lets end tonight with a bang”. Can you say fireworks!

Shawntel arrives to meet Brad and he brings her to a mall, a really big expensive, high-end mall.  OMG a shopping spree every girl in America and some boys I know are pissed off. Wait did he just say, “I didn’t know she was so stylish” I mean brad is a man’s, man but who says that? Note, my favorite shoes in the world come from that Fendi store, yup amazing store there are fountains in it.  Their date is adorable and they run around the mall like kids, like best friends but not once have I seen a spark. They shop and try things on and they are cute but nothing no glimmer in the eyes, nothing, if someone took me on a shopping spree like that there would be a kiss between each item tried on, just saying.

Back in the suite the girls are all talking about how Shawntel isn’t ready for a guy like brad. What does that even mean? Not ready? As they are all complaining in comes Shawntel with arms full of bags and the girls are already drooling and they don’t even know what’s in them. Michele’s face is the best she is just angry and I love every second of it. Wait hold on that Fendi bag, not cute. The girls are all extremely jealous about the date and shawntel is up stairs getting ready in her new probably $5000 wardrobe. Brad takes Shawntel up to the roof and what a spectacular view they get, with a nice dinner waiting as well.  Girls don’t talk about the dead at dinner, unless you’re on a date with Brad because he actually wants to know how it’s done and thanks to the music supervisor we even get some creepy music to add to the moment. Vain Drain, now that’s something I can say that I have never said on a first date. This is by far one of the most awkward dates I have ever watched and then one of Shawntel’s dates came back from the dead to open the champagne. Even with all that talk of the dead and cross-eyed pets she still gets the rose, now that’s a real man. Cue the fireworks oh and the really really jealous girls in the room trying to get a glimpse of the show that is for Brad and Shawntel’s eyes-only. And finally a kiss, its about time people the kiss always seals the deal. Note the flip-flops at the end of the date, that’s because Fendi shoes hurt your feet BAD!

Back at the suite the date card arrives and no one is super excited about it knowing the fate of the two on one date. The card reads, “Let’s go speed dating” Jackie, Emily, Lisa, Marissa, Ali, Chantal, Brit and Michele get to go on the date. Which leaves Ashley and yup Ashley and my guess is that the dentist is going home she screwed herself last week and I hope she listened and has kept her bags packed! And the floodgates are opened not only because one of them is going home but also because they have become very close and they are each other’s best friends in the house.

The girls jump in the limo and where do they pull up to, but a racetrack and the girls look so excited. At first Emily is holding up and smiling and then little by little you see it in her eyes. Britt looks scared to death but she’s going to go big or go home and drive that car. Um I have to admit I could never drive that car a little to enclosed for me. Poor Emily wow, can I just say what a strong an amazing woman. I can’t even understand how she is handling this right now. Brad starts to notice that Emily is having a tough time and wants to know why, so he pulls her away and has a little chat with her. Emily explains that she wanted to say goodbye to NASCAR and brad wants to know why. Note to viewers in case you didn’t see it, when Emily starts explaining to Brad about the crash that ended Ricky’s career you can see the anger in Brads face he is pissed, not about what Emily is saying but, I would guess it’s because this is where he finds out. Has to be horrible to be put in that position, but at the end of the day its also going to cause them to get so much closer and brad will learn so much more about what makes Emily tick. This could make or break them.  Emily may be the strongest woman I know she put it all aside and made the best of this situation and got in and drove that car. Emily is sitting in the car crying and brad comes over to make sure she is ok. Now I am crying watching this little girl be stronger than I ever could. She keeps telling him that she needs to do this to let go of her past and love again with someone new, now I’m baling as she takes the lap and says the first couple laps were for Ricky and the last is for her, wow balling.

The next stop is the pool, all the girls are being catty now and talking about how Emily doesn’t deserve any of this one on one attention just because she has the worst story. My girl Chantal O stuck up for brad and says that its just because he’s that great of a guy and it makes her like him more. Brad is talking to Emily and explaining that no one, not even him can compete with what she had with Ricky and you see Emily’s heart break. Emily tells him that she is ready to move on and she wouldn’t be there if she didn’t see a future with him. Ali gets emotional and is crying to brad about how hard it is to feel special when brad is putting all his eggs in one basket basically. Next up Chantal is going to cry too, because she feels the same way. But at the end of the day she understands that he is an amazing guy and it makes her love him even more which she immediately takes back the word love ha that’s my girl. Brad is struggling with all this emotion today you can see it wearing on him, poor guy.

Back at the suite the date card comes for the two Ashley’s, it says “come swing with the king Brad” the second card reads “two girls one rose, one stays one goes, Chris”

On the date all the girls are falling apart and Brad is visually pissed off right now. Michele takes him away and they talk and she gets a tad bitchy about the other girls and being on a group date and then she swallows his face, gross. Brad of course enjoys it and Michele uses her body to get his attention she must be a Scorpio. Brad takes Emily and the rose and all the girls are pissed off. Ali is turning into negative Nancy this week. Brad gives Emily the rose based on who she is not about her past in any way, but because he is actually falling for her, and of course she accepts.

Two on one date up next with the Ashley’s and Brad explains all the reasons for it being the two of them, he likes them both and has serious doubts about them both as well. The girls are not only attending the show but they will be in it. The girls and brad start practicing for their big debut and the other girls are back at the suite talking about who should come home and who shouldn’t. Next they get to fly around and perform together, both girls get to try it out and practice but only one gets to actually perform. Did anyone else notice how comfortable they all looked flying around I would be shaking wowzers. Brad and the two girls are going to sit and have dinner and before the end of their dinner one of the girls is going to have to go home. Brad tells them both that he has developed feelings for both of them.  OMG he really is sending Ashley S home dear lord the dentist gets the rose. I am shocked clearly I didn’t see that coming at all. Now that she’s gone off brad and the dentist go to perform in the show and I have to say it was pretty cool to watch.

Brad visits with his therapist before the rose ceremony of course and his therapist explains that his loyalty should stay to him not to any one girl until he is standing with just one.  Best line of the night is “ There is tremendous strength in being vulnerable” good word doc good words.

It’s rose ceremony night and the cocktail party has become a bit rocky. The girls are all   realizing that you cant feel special yet and you are not safe if you don’t have a rose. Brad comes in and the room is tense.  Brad talks with Chantal O about how brad has spent most of his time with Emily and all of the girls not just her are feeling a bit taken back. Brad wants to make Ali feel special and he has a little cake that has green on it which is the color she was wearing when they first met and she is glowing.  Marisa hands brad an envelope that his a few little notes in it so that he can read them when he needs them and now I like Marisa a bit more, that’s the stuff I do. Michele is just damn annoying, she brings Brad in the room and says there is no more talking, he has really big decisions to make and that the girls are to immature to realize what is right in front of them. She controls the situation by sitting on his lap and telling him she is different and kissing him between each sentence and ends with I think we should send some girls home now and then tells him the next time they see each other then he can talk. Has this man ever watched the movie Fatal Attraction how about Basic Instinct? RUN Brad RUN!

Brad sends home Marisa and Lisa and they are of course teary eyed who wouldn’t be, its not they are in love it’s the whole rejection part of it all.  Ok ladies if your reading this and you ever go on the bachelor, in your exit interview, please don’t tell us how much you left behind to be here, newsflash every girl on this show left a lot behind.

Next stop um where don’t they go really Costa Rica, Anguilla, and Africa. I can’t wait till he sends Michele home dear god. Please tell me its soon, I may have to stop going to reunions once Michele starts going if she reads these blogs i’m going to be in BIG trouble, oops I am sure she will understand, maybe not. Until next week kids it feels like forever between episodes, but if you need more bachelor scoop make sure you check out