The 1st Ten Dating Dont's – Krisily Kennedy

I have been joking around about writing a book on dating DONT’S, and I guess I have been mostly joking because it amazes me how many of us need it. Now clearly I am not the best in the relationship department, we all saw the crash and burn on national television that was fun. But I am still single and haven’t successfully dated in well lets just say a while. Now the dates that I have gone on, WOW I could write a book just on those and you all would finish and tell me I should probably just give up on Love all together because luck clearly isn’t on my side. But listening to my friends and their stories I am starting to realize that it’s not just me, PHEW, I was starting to worry a bit. Now first let me just say I am NOT at all the easiest person to date. I am extremely independent, secure, Stubborn, will buy shoes instead of groceries, and love my dogs more than I will ever love anything else. But I am also loyal, honest, and can admit when wrong, well except for that one time. But I find that dating for me and other woman like me is proving to be difficult, I had a friend tell me once that a strong, secure, independent woman is scary for a man, and to him I said well than that’s not the man for me. Right? I mean I want someone to be by my side, support me, get what my life is about, and challenge me to be better. I do not want someone who is jealous, insecure, and cant handle themselves without help daily. I mean I am still single so clearly this is much harder to find than I originally expected, but I tell you this I will not lower any of those standards at all those are deal breakers in my mind and should be in yours too no matter what you do or who you are!

I have been thinking of all the crazy stories I have heard lately about dating and I decided to put together a list of things you should never, ever do or say to a potential or current girlfriend or boyfriend, take notes kids because this is going to be good!

Here is my first Top 10 Never Evers in dating-

1-    Never say “ If you loved me you would do…” this can only end badly and guess what if you loved me you would never say this

2-    Never say “ You will regret this decision” chances are that I may but saying that only makes me want to do it more

3-    Never say “ walking away from me is the biggest mistake you will ever make” Unless you are a mother and you are talking to your child in a busy theme park this is not at any time acceptable to say to someone you supposedly love

4-    Don’t text  “ I really want to see you” if you don’t, because if you get a response and the person wants to see you too now you have to answer or you look like an ass. If you don’t answer them for the rest of the night you will be lucky to hear from them again

5-    Don’t look desperate- it is one think to text someone say hi and it would be great to hang, but if they don’t respond then don’t continue texting, if they want to see you they will call.

6-    Don’t say “ I get hit on all the time, and get invited to go out and meet girls/guys all the time, but I don’t for you” News flash that doest make me feel special or make me want you more, makes me say good glad they hit on you, your going to need them soon.

7-    If you are in a relationship and face book or Twitter comments become a problem, realize it’s the relationship that is the problem not the social networking sites. Unless of course your boy/girlfriend is blatantly asking others out in plain site. But when status updates and tweets get thrown in your face that is just silly, its time to grow up and move on.

8-    Never ever invite two prospects to the same event! This should be rule one and we should all know this and if someone does it to you its time to take their info out of your phone ASAP.

9-    Don’t lie- you will almost always get caught, and if you lie more than once you will definitely get caught how can you possibly keep up with it?

10-    Never sit around and complain about all the things your boy/girlfriend does wrong. Here is my motto- Look at the person you are dating for all their good and all their bad, now if you can look at them and love them and think in 10 years if they are the EXACT SAME person and you can lie with all their good and bad, then you are in a great relationship, If they do make changes for the better than you will be happy but you aren’t relying on those changes to make you happy. If you look at your relationship and see more things you hope will change than things you can live with then either suck it up or walk away. You cant expect people to change you can only accept them for who they are and move forward.

Hope these made you laugh a bit but also made you think. So many of us stay in relationships for far to long hoping they will change, but at the end of the day they really don’t change at all so either get in or get out but either way hold yourself accountable for your actions and always make sure above all you are happy.

Have an amazing day and Love with all your heart !! xoxo