Zip Lining, A Waterfall, and an Alter?

8 Ladies on their way to Costa Rica, now that’s a place to fall in love.  OOOh and it looks like Michele and Chantal O or going to get into it, and no Michele did not just interrupt their date; what a brat.  Ok sorry that was just the teaser and my mind is already spinning this ones going to be good I can feel it. The girls pull up to the hotel and it is breathtaking, and the volcano is well wow. Brad is showing the girls their villa in the middle of the rainforest and he says look at the lush landscape, oh brad who says that? Just as the girls are getting comfy, brad drops off the date card and takes off. I mean do you blame him; those date cards usually spell disaster. Chantal O, close your eyes hold on tight, Love is in the air tonight. Of course Michele is complaining that it is not her going and hopes that monkeys or apes attack Chantal, very mature.

Chantal is getting ready for her date and telling all the girls that she is nervous this time because this date will make or break them.  Brad comes to pick her up and off they go in the chopper of course, I mean all my dates pick me up in a chopper don’t yours?

Back at the villa Michele is talking smack on Chantal to Emily, as usual she goes on and on about how Chantal is not right for Brad but my favorite part is when Michele calls Chantal egotistical, wow hello pot meet kettle.

Brad is taking Chantal zip lining and I’m panicking for her, the longest zip line ever, 5 feet would be to long for me. Brad says he is taking his relationship to new heights; um he totally stole that from Dave, Natalie, Nikki and muah’s date in Vegas. They are getting ready to zip line and it starts raining and brad panics, but leave it to Chantal to say no way we are not getting rained out and off they go and boy was it raining.  The zip lining looked so fun and it must not have been bad because they did it more than once and they even got to see a monkey at the end, amazing.

The girls are sitting around at the villa and the date card arrives, and the girls are all starting to feel jealous and insecure and all have their own reasons for why they should get the one on one date. The date card reads, “Love springs eternal, Jackie, Michele, Emily Ashleigh, & Shawntel which means Ali gets the one on one. And my guess is she goes home I see no chemistry with them at all.

On the second part of Chantal and Brads date they are having a candle light picnic and about a minute after they sit down it started pouring again.  So brad brings Chantal where else, up to his room where else do you bring a first date in the rain. Brad the gentleman that he is gets Chantal out of her wet dress and into his white button down shirt and not much else, but she rocks it. Brad tells Chantal not to play games with him because of what she did in Vegas, but I have to say Chantal was expressing her feelings and was being vulnerable and in the end he will want that in a wife. Chantal says she wants more of him every day forever and he looks down, u see him get nervous but then he lets it go and they kiss, thank god. He has a fear of the getting serious part still you can see it but then you also see him let that go with Chantal and that’s a pretty big step for dear old Brad. I love seeing these two together, this is a love story I want more of and they make me giddy with excitement waiting for what’s next. I know cheesy but I am truly a hopeless romantic and some day my prince will come HA!

Getting ready to go on the group date all the girls are in a truck complaining about the weather, really your in Costa Rica no complaining. Michele goes on and on about how brad is not Chantal’s man waa waa you’re annoying and desperation is not attractive. Brad takes the girls to a waterfall and they are going to repel down it. Michele is complaining again about how brad made a promise to her about not repelling with anyone else ever really sometimes I wonder why she even talks has she never seen this show before this is how it works so get over it. Shawntel is the first to go, next was Brit, Ashley H has no fear, Jackie looks scared to death and Michele needs to grow up and stop acting like a brat. Wait did Michele get Botox in Costa Rica her eyebrows look amazing, ok sorry back to the show. After all Michele’s complaining brad decides to go down the waterfall with Michele, horrible. Why the hell does he give her that after she just took a fit um last time I checked you reward good behavior not bad. After the waterfall, brad takes the girls to a natural hot spring and they all get into bikinis I know surprise bikinis on the bachelor. Brad pulls Jackie away first and they talk about how she faced her fears. Jackie brings up that it would have been easier if he had done it with her instead of Michele who wasn’t scared at all and brad gets annoyed he knew this would happen but chose to do it anyway, you make your bed buddy you have to lay in it and these ladies are tough.

The third date cad arrives back at the villa and of course it is for Ali and it says “ Meet me at the alter. Brad” What the hell does that mean? Chantal kindly reminds her that her card doesn’t say the word love in it and maybe she should be nervous, that’s my girl, make’ em sweat ha.

Brad and Emily have an adorable one on one but I still can’t help but think she is just too fragile for him. She tells him that she sabotages all of her relationships and brad starts to get a bit nervous, but also tells her that he cares enough to not let her sabotage this. Meanwhile Michele is complaining I know big surprise about how all the girls need to just go home.

In the villa the girls find a very large bug that Chantal picks up and brings closer to Ali, which makes her scream so loud that it actually ruins Michele’s one on one date because they all hear her scream.  Brad and Michele are alone talking in one of the springs and she starts in on him about Chantal O. She starts by saying she cant understand how brad would like her, she starts questioning his feelings for her, she starts to sound crazy asking how he can like her and Chantal. Brad starts to defend that he is doing what he has to do, and he has connections with them both, and that he needs to make decisions for him and that he doesn’t want to talk anymore about Chantal O. Michele of course starts kissing him because that’s the only way she will keep him interested. Sad really the only way to keep the guy is using your sex appeal, well that’s only going to last so long eventually brad will want substance and he’s not going to find it here. Maybe she is starting fights because she really just wants to go home and get ready for her big movie debut.  We can dream cant we. Now that brad is totally is pissed off he goes to all the girls and talks about the fact that there is a rose on this date and how important each rose is and decides not to give out a rose out on this date basically because he doesn’t think anyone deserves it. Michele of course has something to say and she says that if brad can’t make decisions she will be forced to take matters into her own hands? Where does she come up with this stuff?

Ali’s date is up next and brad picks her up on a horse, and he even brings one for her. I love that there are these two little horses that follow them the whole time.  They get off the horses and brad leads her to a cave that is over 40 million years old, wow that’s older than even me. Ali is starting to panic about the bugs already. They go in the cave and its almost pitch black first she sees a spider and freaks and then they see a ton of bats and she screams, not so smart to scream when you see bats I bet they will fly at you.  At the end of their walk through darkness in the middle of the cave they come to a waterfall and there are these natural stairs that bring you to an actual alter.  They are having a great date yes but does anyone else see there is not even a smidge of chemistry, like none at all.

Wait does anyone know if Holly said yes?? Horrible idea,lol, we need the ending to that commercial, I want to know now did she say yes??? I mean we all just watched this guy pour his heart out on a commercial and we don’t even get to know if she said yes, I want my money back, Oh wait…

Ok ok , back on the awkward date, Ali and brad sit down to eat, and they may be having one of the worst dates ever. Small talk really? Ali thinks its going great and brad has no idea what to say and then they start sinking ha, well Ali that should tell you something, run now. Brad puts Ali on the spot by asking questions about her last relationship and this is hard to watch, she is a sweet girl and Brad is having a hard time getting to a know her. Ali is saying how comfortable she feels and brad is getting more uncomfortable by the minute. He looks at her like she’s his buddy and not someone he can fall in love with.  Brad sends Ali home without a rose but good for him for not keeping around a friend and wanting to find a wife instead.

Ali if you read this, you held your head high and your exit interview was full of class. Set the bar high and you will get a good man.

Brad is actually upset having to send her home and wants to just relax and have a bit of time to think about everything that has happened and there is knock on the door and who do you think it is?? Alex Forrest, ha, see fatal attraction if you don’t know whom that is, ok it’s Michele. Brad looks shocked and Michele needs to take that damn braid out of her hair. Michele says she misses him and he agrees that he misses her too and then of course starts making out with him to make up for the fact that she now looks like a stalker. After their sultry sickening kiss Michele says she is glad that he sent Ali home and still pissed off about Chantal being there. Michele is just acting crazy and telling him whom to send home and in what order, how in gods green earth does he not think she is certifiably crazy at this point.

Brad seems to be questioning Michele and her motives but will it be enough to send her packing my guess is no he wants to get a bit closer I mean guys are sometimes a bit slow and yes folks sex sells and she may be crazy but she is also sexy as hell, I mean I would be happy to look like that but not if it meant coming with that attitude.

Ok rose ceremony time, these nights are always exciting. Chantal o is the only one safe tonight, that’s my girl. Brad comes in and tells the girl’s today was a rough day and he has hit a wall.  Michele starts to second-guess herself and well she should at this point no one else is coming across the way she is. Brad says the pressure is going to help him make this night easier. Emily talks with brad about how she feels like an idiot and he tells her that she has scared him a bit. Emily explains that she does have insecurities but with brads help she will get through this. Brad says he refuses to give up on her because he is worth the fight. Next brad sits with Michele and says what they have is real and positive but Michele is scaring him badly. Brad basically calls Michele out on talking smack the night before and Michele spins the tables and says he asked her to. Michele starts crying because well she is an actress, and tells him she knows she is supposed to be here and they need to learn more about each other. Michele is scared that brad says they took two steps back, well shows how much she listened he said ten steps, ten not two. Michele doesn’t know if she is crazy or if they speak a different language, well Michele the votes have been tabulated and America agrees, Crazy it is.

Shawntel asks Brad what is going on and he says that someone had given him a hard time about who was left in the house which made him feel bad and then they play the quite game, and we are back in elementary school. All of the sudden she jumps over and kisses him and if I was to judge the kiss I would give it a 4 out of 10 there is definitely something missing here.

Wait did anyone notice Brad didn’t call his therapist this week? Sorry just asking, I am a frequenter at the therapist office so I’m not poking fun at all!

All the girls are discussing who said something to him or gave him grief about not giving the rose out on the date. After some time Michele admits to going and talking to him and maybe that’s what he is talking about. Pretty much all the girls are really upset about the fact that she went to him and all she has to say is that if they wanted to go to him then they should have.

Chantal O decides to take brad aside and tell him that she has fallen in love with him and uses those three very scary at times words and says I love you. She also says that she felt this was a safe time to tell him because she already has a rose, so brad will take these words as genuine and not as motive to stay another week in the house. Brad asks how she knows that and she explains that it went for being about her, and her feelings and what she wanted and needed, to being all about him, which shows the sacrifice of being in love with someone. Brad explains that this night he was at his lowest of lows and Chantal has brought him back and has made his night.

Chantal O has a rose and brad hands roses out to the rest of woman, after telling them all that before rose ceremonies there is so much pressure on him and tonight he wanted each girl to hear his thoughts from his heart. Ashley is first then Emily, Brit, Shawntel, and Michele. Would have been nice to see good prevail over evil but not this week kids. Jackie goes home this week, so sad, I liked her but in the end there was no chemistry with them at all. Brad tells her she is one in a million and then sends her packing; I guess one in a million isn’t for everyone.

Next stop is Anguilla ladies and can you say beautiful. It does look like the girls are all going a bit crazy there, and well crazy equals way better blogging! Have a great week and until next time always remember when in doubt call all the other girls in the house out!

XOXO thanks for reading